SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning)

SEAL refers to the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning in school. It is a whole school and cross-curricular approach aimed at developing children’s social and emotional skills.

SEAL aims to support children becoming successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Furthermore SEAL helps with promoting their social awareness, their interactions with others, their motivation and empathy and also managing their feelings.

At Sebright we aim to develop children as a whole within their community. SEAL gives them the tools to become happy and independent learners. Tools such as the right frame of mind towards their learning, where children are ready to learn, manage themselves independently and reflect upon it. The appropriate manners and impression they make with a Growth Mindset.

Some times just a small change can make a huge difference in their success at school, like being kind to one another, excellent timekeeping, good manners - such as holding the doors for others, and a compliment here and there.

The importance of SEAL is to make children feel safe and secure at school with a clear respect and understanding of behaviour expectations so they will be able to take risks in their learning and use it beyond the school grounds and into their lives as young adults.

SEAL is a whole school approach and does not only apply to the children attending the school but also the staff, parents, carers and the community around us. It can give parents and carers the opportunity to engage with their child’s personal, social, emotional life and help reinforce a close relationship.

Being Me in My World

This half term we are going to focus on sharing with others what makes me ‘Me’. Things that I enjoy, like my favourite book, colour, sport, song or food all make me ‘Me.’ It is about telling others that we all have something that makes us unique, but at the same time we all have likes and dislikes. We all made our own unique footballs to share our likes and they are going to be all around our playgrounds. Keep your eyes out for them!