Connect & Collect

Connecting migrant and refugee parents to their wider community to improve their wellbeing

Renaisi's Bilingual Advisers are running a new wellbeing project in six Hackney schools. The project Connect & Collect aims to improve the wellbeing and resilience of migrant and refugee families. This is achieved by promoting wellbeing activities, creating a sustainable support network, and creating a safe space in school where parents can integrate across languages. The Bilingual Advisers will work collaboratively with parents to design and pilot their own wellbeing activities. A Hackney Health Passport system will allow parents with at least 5 stamps to attend a family event organised by the Bilingual Advisers. Every time a parent attends a workshop, they win a stamp. If they lead a workshop, they earn two stamps. This is a way of encouraging parents to develop their confidence and leadership skills. The activities will explore the themes of connecting with yourself, connecting with your child, and connecting with your community.

Connect Newsletters

Connect - Issue 2 (May 2017)

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