School Uniform

At Sebright it is a requirement that all of our children come to school in uniform. Wearing a School uniform promotes a feeling of belonging and community; all of our children are Sebright children and are proud of that fact.

All children are expected to wear:

A Sebright sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece (no other colours)

Sebright polo shirt

Grey or black trousers/skirts (skirts - knee length)

Grey or black jogging bottoms for Nursery, Reception and Yr1 and Yr2 ONL Y

Black Shoes (plain black trainers are acceptable)

Grey tights or white socks for summer.

Plain black or Royal blue hijab or head scarves - if required.

Sebright baseball caps (summer) can be purchased

Kit for P.E.

Black or grey shorts or track suit bottoms.

Sebright team colour t-shirts (white for reception until they are put into teams)

Black plimsolls or trainers

All children are expected to wear the Sebright PE kit.

Sebright PE bags are also available.

Children are not allowed to wear:

Jewellery - except gold studs/sleepers and a watch.



Patterned tights


Baseball caps


Multi-coloured trainers


All Sebright logoed uniform can be purchased directly from the Learning Space area - Monday and Wednesday from 8:45 to 9.15 a.m.