SHINE Saturday School

SHINE Saturday School will come to an end in July 2017.

We have taken this decision due to reducing budgets and following a recent consultation with parents.

We thank you for your support for the last nine years and hope that SHINE has had a lasting impact on your children.

We will teach a rich and exciting curriculum with a different subject focus each term.

We will offer new experiences and broaden horizons. Our students will have access high quality teaching in smaller focused groups.

Being a Sebright Achiever

Your child's skills and abilities will Shine out and be strengthened - they will enjoy success and be rewarded for their achievements.

Provide free enrichment activities

Your children will be exposed to exciting and innovative ways of learning through practical experiences and project based teaching. They will have regular visits to museums and historical places.

Improve self-esteem

We aim to raise your child's standards and expectations, increase esteem and help them to become confident independent learners.

Offer excellent staff/pupil ratios

Children will work in smaller groups and mixed age ranges, from Year 4 through to Year 6.