Class Teachers

Mr Peter Hamlin (Green Class)
Ms Isabel Oliveira (Yellow Class)

Summer Term

This term in nursery, many of us are preparing to head off to Reception!  We will be brushing up our phonics skills, perfecting the writing of our name, counting objects and recognising numbers.  You can help at home by trying the following games:

Number hunt!

When you are walking to and from school, which numbers can you see?  You will be surprised how many you can find.  From numbers on street doors, the front of buses and even on road signs!

Count up to 20.

Every time you eat your dinner, count all different types of food you have.  Have you ever eaten more than 20 peas before?

Writing your name.

We all know all the greatest artists in the world sign their masterpieces.  Every time you draw a picture remember to sign it so everyone knows who wrote it!

Some of us in nursery are staying for another year so wish our friends the best of luck.  In the meantime we will all be learning the following things before the summer holidays.

Preparing for our school carnival: We will be studying the United States of America and learning how to line dance!
Getting ready for our Graduation Ceremony: We will be learning songs and preparing things to show our parents and carers.
Working with Reception children for our Early Years Music Festival: We will be decorating our outside area to prepare for our music festival.  More information to follow.

We will also be learning all about traditional tales such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Jack and the Beanstalk so we can tell the stories to everyone in our families.

Phonics, Reading and Writing

We have been learning how to write our names all by ourselves. You can ask your child to write their name on every picture they draw at home and bring them in to show the class.

We have been learning our letters and sounds to help us with our reading and writing.  We have learnt the following sounds:

We have also been learning how to blend these sounds together to read short words. The children have been reading words such a:

If you would like to find out more about how we teach reading and writing using phonics, speak to Mr Hamlin or Miss Oliveira for a home learning pack.


Nursery Highlights