Class Teachers

Mr Peter Hamlin (Green Class)
Ms Isabel Oliveira (Yellow Class)

Spring Term

This term we will be working with the Reception classes to learn all about space and our Solar System. We are learning facts about the planets, reading books about space and even designing our own moon surface with aliens! We will be showing our artwork at school and inviting parents in to share our experiential art installation.

We have also been learning all about different modes of transport. We have been catching the bus, train and boat exploring our local environment… usually ending up in a different playground in a different part of Hackney.

Have a look at our photographs below and ask your child all about their Nursery Adventures.

Phonics, Reading and Writing

We have been learning how to write our names all by ourselves. You can ask your child to write their name on every picture they draw at home and bring them in to show the class.

We have been learning our letters and sounds to help us with our reading and writing.  We have learnt the following sounds:

We have also been learning how to blend these sounds together to read short words. The children have been reading words such a:

If you would like to find out more about how we teach reading and writing using phonics, speak to Mr Hamlin or Miss Oliveira for a home learning pack.


Nursery Highlights