Year 6

Class Teachers

Mr Tim Keen (Class 6K)
Mr Joel Power (Class 6P)

Autumn Term

Welcome back to school Year 6! Hopefully you have all had a fun and restful break and are raring to go as we start this Autumn Term. Keep checking this page to find out the latest goings on, pictures, videos and highlights for the year group.

This term is the perfect opportunity to focus on key arithmetic and grammar skills, so please take a look at the links below to extend your learning and really perfect those times tables and grammatical concepts.

One of our top tips for this year is to always have a good book on the go! This means setting yourself targets to read at home and at school. Maybe you could aim to finish a book a week or if it is a longer book, then a book a fortnight. Aim high and try to read lots this year!!

Our Cross Curricular topic for autumn is ‘Intrepid Explorers’ so lots of our learning will link back to this. Most of our exploration will delve into Europe and geography, but we will also be investigating political questions of free movement and borders. Make sure you are ready to use compasses, maps and atlases, we don’t want you getting lost!

In Science we will be looking at Living Things and their Habitats until half term and then Animals Including Humans until Christmas. We will be classifying, investigating, observing over time, predicting, testing and much more.


Year 6 Autumn 1 Spellings

Interim Teacher Assessment Frameworks

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SATs Papers

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Yearly Overview

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