Year 6

Class Teachers

Mr Tim Keen (Class 6K)
Mr Joel Power (Class 6P)

Spring Term

We are racing through 2017 and the Year 6 pupils at Sebright are continuing to achieve their best at school as always!

We have had some excellent narrative writing from all the pupils as we used BBC One’s Merlin TV show as a creative starting point for our own Arthurian stories. In Maths we have seen all the children reap great rewards from their hard work and perseverance in arithmetic skills after the Autumn Term: now let’s apply the same attitude to our problem solving and reasoning numeracy skills! We have also been investigating and debating the many theories of Evolution and Inheritance throughout History in Science lessons.

One of the motto's we have in Year 6 is 'there are no shortcuts, you only get out what you put in!'

So bearing that in mind, alongside the homework books you use at home, here are some challenges for you to work on at home:

  • Aim for 10/10 in your Spelling Test each week.
  • a 100% attendance and punctuality record.
  • a 400 page book or Read 10 pages a day (You can always sign out and borrow a book from the class’ book corner).

On top of all this, why not also make use of the website links below to make even greater strides towards progress and achievement?!

Interim Teacher Assessment Frameworks

These statutory interim frameworks are used only to make a teacher assessment judgement at the end of the key stage.


SATs Papers

You can download sample SATs papers, which are useful for preparing for the tests from

Yearly Overview

Our curriculum overviews gives you an idea of which topic your child will be studying at which point during the school year.

Year 6 Highlights

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