Year 6 Leavers 2017

Year 6 are leaving us but will not be forgotten.


Ella - I'm seeing this whilst doing geography homework. Miss you guys! I know I'm late.

Shannia - I had so much fun at Sebright. Miss you guys 😭

Tabassum - I hope you guys have a great time at secondary school! Good luck!

Shawniya - I will miss u guys

Yandra - I will miss u all

Shawniya 5IR - I will miss u guy so much. I wish u lot all the best in year7. Miss u

Isata - I have had a blast at Sebright school and every second of it felt amazing, I will miss everyone and I hope you will remember year 6 too. :)

Hafsa - Sebright won't be the same without them😊😊😊😊😊

salma - I am going to miss Sebright. Don't forget me

Shaynah - Dont forget me...I WILL MISS SEBRIGHT FOREVER...Unless I go back...

RIELLE - i will miss them SO much!!

Mubarak - I am going to miss you all don't forget me plz !