Vision, Values and Ethos

Pioneering pathways, extraordinary experiences


Our vision is of a school where children flourish, aspire and succeed, where every child is celebrated for their uniqueness and empowered on their personal pathway.


Every day at Sebright is extraordinary. This is what we strive for continuously because we believe an outstanding primary education paves the way for pupils to thrive beyond the school gates.   

Our positive and safe environment encourages pupils to be adventurous and take risks, secure in the knowledge that we will support them. By allowing pupils to learn from mistakes as well as achievements they strengthen their independence, resilience and determination. 

This forward-thinking and aspirational outlook lets pupils take their first successful steps along a pathway that they will forge for the rest of their lives. We want every one of them to be able to reflect on their time at Sebright as not just successful, but life changing.

Our ethos is underpinned by the Sebright Standards, a commitment made by everyone who is part of our community.

Treat yourselves and others with respect.

Treat all property with respect.

Behave sensibly and safely around the school.

Achieve your best at all times.

Be kind and help others.

Listen without interrupting.

Respond to an instruction straight away.

Always be in control of your own behaviour.