Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

SMSC stands for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development.

Spiritual development includes exploring beliefs and experiences; respecting faiths, feelings and values; enjoying learning about oneself, others and the surrounding world; using imagination and creativity and reflection.

Moral development includes recognising right and wrong; respecting the law; understanding consequences; investigating moral and ethical issues and offering reasoned views.

Social development includes using a range of social skills; participating in the local community; appreciating diverse viewpoints; participating, volunteering and cooperating; resolving conflict; engaging with 'British values' of democracy, the rule of law, liberty, respect and tolerance.

Cultural development includes appreciating cultural influences; appreciating the role of Britain's parliamentary system; participating in culture opportunities; understanding, accepting, respecting and celebrating diversity.

At Sebright we strive to develop children as a whole. So in each subject we cover all these areas within the curriculum, such as:

  • In Art children are encouraged to look at works that pose a moral question or artists that have faced moral dilemmas.
  • In Geography children study how people and the physical geography come together and have opportunities to reflect on the way people live in them.
  • In History children ask questions and challenge ideas that are presented to them about different societies/previous eras.
  • In ICT we promote the sensible use of digital technology in the classroom and at home, being aware that we are living in a digitally cultural society.
  • In Literacy we help children to understand how written and social language has changed over time. Also looking at social attitudes to the use of language.
  • In Mathematics children explore how it is applied in different cultures such as Rangoli patterns, symmetry, tessellations and Islamic geometric patterns.
  • In RE we share different religious celebrations and we respect different religions values and beliefs.
  • In Science we discuss ethical issues such as deforestation and the way that this impacts on the lives of humans and animals. We work collaboratively and cooperatively in a number of ways in science lessons e.g. experiments, observations, and pair discussions.

SMSC is developed in all areas of the curriculum and involves all pupils and adults within our school.

British Values

British Values are a part of the Social development of SMSC and they incorporate:

  • Individual Liberty;
  • Mutual Respect;
  • Democracy;
  • Rule of Law;
  • Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

British values are incorporated in all areas of the curriculum and is a whole school approach.

In our school we have different activities that show all of these values, such as:

  • In Art we investigate artists who have struggled to express themselves freely E.g. Frida Kahlo, disproportionate number of males vs. females, Jackson Pollock.
  • In Geography we explored how different cultures live and work throughout the world.
  • In ICT we raise awareness of rights and wrongs, and what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour on the Internet. Ensuring safety and respectful use of social media.
  • In Literacy, during World Book Day and book fortnights, children explore different authors/books from different historic periods.
  • In Mathematics we use statistics and graphs to measure surveys and voting, with discussions on how data is handled in wider contexts.
  • In RE we have opportunities to visit places of worship that are linked to a school-based topic.
  • In Science we have Science Week where the children immerse themselves in different science experiments and activities and are visited by other teachers who share experiments with the class.
  • In SEAL we had the Big Vote, where children learned the voting system and chose a cause they would like to be involved in and which charity to donate money to. Cancer was the cause and St. John’s Hospice, in Hackney was the charity chosen.