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Sebright's Got Talent 2020


Isra 3k - I wish I was in that it looks so fun and all of those acts were amazing ❤️❤️❤️?

Maimunah yr7 - Awh you guys are so talented. I wish I could go back and do it all again. It was amazing to win.

chloe - I like your singing Remy

Ibrahim and Abdurrahman’s mum - Well done to City year for all their hard work ?? and big cheers to all children who took part in Sebright got talent ??
And definitely I m very excited to see my both children performing in the talent show and got 3rd place YAY ? what should I way “FANTASTIC”

Sakib - Well done!!!!!!!

Jessica3C - wow her singing is so nice and beautiful

Jarvis 5p - well done

Elizabeth - Well done everyone who took part in Sebright's Got Talent!

Sonia & Noah - Well done Sebright! We LOVE the beautiful singing from the girl at the beginning xxxx

simi 5p - hi everyone you did great

Eloisa - So good congrats every one !!!!!!!

Tazreen6s Manha5l Zahraa1m - Well done everyone! You all did great! Let's take time to appreciate how the city years took their time to make a talent show! ???????

Kathy and Barry - Well done to CY for putting on Such a great show.?. Another fantastic performance from our very talented pupils At Sebright. ????

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