Summer School 2019


Lexi -4K Daubeney primary school- - Looks like you guys had fun! Hope you had a great summer!

Ella 4C - It was so fun being there!!!!!! 😺

Jeb Former 6p student - Looks amazing! A great way to chill in the summer!:D

Megan - This looks sooooooooo fun.......I kinda wish I was there

JAHARI- - Summer camp this time was so fun and I hope everyone had a great time too.

A - Having the best time at Summer School loved designing Teeshirts and bags.
We took them home.. Yay

Daisy and Lea from lauriston - We had a great time in the park and we also love this camp.

Bo and Bibi from lauriston - Fun in the sun, it was an amazing day we had great fun!!!!!!

Gradie 6S - Looks like you guys are having fun. Have a great summer!😀🌞

Miss Bird - What a great way to spend the start of the summer holidays! Thanks for letting me join you.

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