Professor Brainwave comes to Sebright

Children from across the school were given an opportunity to experience geometry first hand. The children were taken on a journey, beginning with 2D shapes. They were challenged to make connections and spot relationships between 2D and 3D shapes.

This interactive workshop allowed the children to experience first hand properties.

Children were then asked to use and apply these skills in problem solving context. For example making 5 squares from 12 sticks.

The children said...

We liked the workshop because it helped us with math’s and we were able to discuss in groups”

- Year 6

Its was interesting and we learnt a lot about 3D shapes”

- Year 5

We liked the workshop because it challenged us”

- Year 4

“we enjoyed being challenged to build the cubes. We learnt that nothing is wrong"

- Year 3

The teachers said...

“the tactile approach was great; learning about and manipulating 3D objects was effective”

- Miss Roberts.

“The children were completely absorbed in what Simon was demonstrating and allowed the children to make ‘brilliant mistakes’, it added to their learning"

- Miss Vicky. 

We even got the parents involved! The children helped them to solve the problems.

“good fun, interactive session for parents and children.”

- Parent from 3L

“It was really fun and I enjoyed it”

- Parent from 3L

“Fantastic workshop. Great teamwork. Teacher helped everyone to get involved lots of fun”

- Parent from 6R

One of the fundamentals of mathematics is ‘Being a Mathematician’ which involves reasoning, communication, problem-solving and refection. All of these need to be underpinned by fluency.

Children are encouraged to practice their geometry skills on IXL.


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