The Happy Puzzle Company Comes to Sebright

The Happy Puzzle Company was at Sebright for 2 days. Children from Reception to Year 6 worked in teams to solve puzzles and problems.

Children not only had to use their problem solving and reasoning skills but they had to work together. It was fantastic to see the children working collaboratively and seeing their excitement when they had solved the problem. The Happy Puzzle Company showed the children that Maths is fun and exciting. The more opportunities children are given to work together will set them up with important skills for later life.

It was fantastic to see so many parents at the event, so a special thank you to all of those that attended we hope it gave you some ideas of how you can help your child at home.

I  liked it when the happy puzzle company came because there was different games to play and it was exciting.

- Esen, 2K

I really liked the happy puzzle company because they really challenged us. It was about working as a team.

- Damon, 6R

I really liked the happy puzzle company because we got to play games with our teams and I learnt that together we can achieve more.

- Megi, 4S

We had fun. We made a puzzle

- Zahira, 1M

Our staff got involved too...

Pupils were engaged and really excited about the challenges.

- Miss Say, Year 4 Teacher

I though the happy Puzzle Company was session was great! The children were engaged and  having to use their problem solving and their team work skills.

- Miss Srabana, Year 3 Teacher

We even had patents come to the workshop and try and solve the puzzles.

The workshop was very fun, challenging and difficult in a good way. We loved it!

- Parent from 1T

My children enjoyed the puzzles they played with. I enjoyed playing it to! The games were really good and helped us challenge

- Parent from 3L