These are the latest newsletters from Sebright Primary School:

Newsletter - 20th May 2016

We are drawing close to the end of the term and the end of our SATS assessments. Well done to all our children who put in a fantastic effort and remained resilient throughout.

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20th May 2016

Newsletter - 6th May 2016

We hope you have been enjoying the summer so far. As you see can we have been very busy doing a lot of outdoor activities.

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6th May 2016

Newsletter - 22nd April 2016

Welcome back to our first newsletter of the summer term. The term promises to have a range of learning activities that you will be invited to so please look out for texts and updates.

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22nd April 2016

Newsletter - 18th March 2016

We have come to a very exciting end of term. It’s been full of exciting learning experiences for our children.

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18th March 2016

Newsletter - 4th March 2016

Welcome to our first newsletter of this half term. As you can see we have already had a great range of activities and exciting experiences so far and we will continue throughout the term.

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4th March 2016

Newsletter - 12th February 2016

Welcome to our first fully online newsletter in our bid to cut down on using paper. We will continue to keep a small supply of paper copies in our main Reception, so do please let others know if they don’t have access to the internet.

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12th February 2016