These are the latest newsletters from Sebright Primary School:

Newsletter - 17th June 2016

We have been having another great half term filled with creative and fundraising activities. As you can see we have been making the best of the warm weather and extending our learning outside.

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17th June 2016

Summer Fair

Saturday 18th June 2016 - 11am - 2pm

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13th June 2016

Newsletter - 20th May 2016

We are drawing close to the end of the term and the end of our SATS assessments. Well done to all our children who put in a fantastic effort and remained resilient throughout.

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20th May 2016

Newsletter - 6th May 2016

We hope you have been enjoying the summer so far. As you see can we have been very busy doing a lot of outdoor activities.

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6th May 2016

Newsletter - 22nd April 2016

Welcome back to our first newsletter of the summer term. The term promises to have a range of learning activities that you will be invited to so please look out for texts and updates.

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22nd April 2016

Newsletter - 18th March 2016

We have come to a very exciting end of term. It’s been full of exciting learning experiences for our children.

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18th March 2016