Parents' Day 2019 Feedback

What our parents and carers say about Sebright:

So wonderful to hear my child is doing amazing at Sebright, massive thank you to all the staff members.
Great! Always lovely to visit the teachers and classroom! Very important for me to have that connection with my kids in their day to day education at school.
I have been very happy with Sebright so far. The teachers seem to work so hard on being creative and making learning fun. My children enjoy coming to school every day.
Good feedback. The teachers is always on hand to help.
Our daughter loves coming to school, and loves learning. All the teaching and support staff are great, and the school always feels open and welcoming.
I feel my child is progressing well at Sebright. The teachers are very helpful and understand each child as an individual.
Sebright parents’ evenings and parents’ days are always exceptionally organised. the level of detail that go into the children’s reviews are amazing and give a great insight into children’s developmental areas and also areas that are they are doing great at. Thank you and please keep up the amazing work.
Really pleased with [my child's] progress in school. The teachers and staff are doing a tremendous job. Thanks
I really like Sebright school because it's fun and It helps me learn new things. We learnt about mental health and I learnt that some mental health problems are caused because of depression.
Lovely meeting, lovely advice. I know my child’s strengths and I and we need to work on.
All the teachers do a great job here. They’re absolutely amazing. We are really happy with everything and the progress at school. A big thanks to everyone.
First of all, I want to say big thank you to all the teachers. They are amazing teachers and friends for kids. Enjoyable fun environment to start children’s futures, incredible opportunities for kids. Teachers assistants are so kind and caring great help to everyone. Sebright school is the best
I find Sebright wonderful and my son’s teacher is fantastic! My child has benefited a lot from Sebright so WELL DONE!!!
Sebright is a great school with loads of great & enthusiastic teachers. Very proud of them all. Glad my kids are attendees in such an environment.
I am happy of Sebright for helping my children to like school and enjoy every moment.
Teachers are very approachable. My son is always happy to go to school.
I’m amazed at the progress my child has made at school in a very short time. My child loves coming to school and loves learning with his teacher.
Lovely teachers.