Parents' Day Feedback

Thank you to all of our parents who took the time to leave feedback as part of Parents' Days. The messages we received were overwhelmingly positive and we wanted to share a few with you.


I am very happy with the school with the extra support my son gets from the school. The teachers are supportive and encouraging with his schoolwork.

(My child) likes his school, teachers and friends.My children have so much improved in their work at school. They love their teacher and I think that is important for them because they will love to come to school.

(My child) loves coming to school. It’s a warm and friendly environment with amazing teachers. We really appreciate the after school ac

tivities where the children can explore different things and play with their friends. Well done, keep up the good work!We are pleased with the progress my child has made. We are truly greatful with the support the class teacher has given my child.

My child’s teacher is amazing. She makes real efforts to support my child managing her work, anxiety and any peer issues. My daughter has made realprogress. Overall all the school staff are pleasant polite and helpful. The school is a real community where everyone looks after each other. After school clubs and holiday clubs are fun and good value for money. Overall I'm happy with the school.

It is very good to meet the teachers every term time because as a parent I know my child’s progress in school and for me to support my child throughout his education.

Parent's Day is always a helpful opportunity to assess how well your child is doing and how you can help them as a parent. Sebright are always inclusive of the parent-child-teacher relationship and how it facilities learning and it definitely shows.

Great to see and speak with all the teachers that work with my child... Fantastic feedback on his progress and loved looking at how far he has come in the past year.. keep up the good work Sebright!!

I'm extremely delighted and proud of my child’s all round development in school. She continues to enjoy learning and likes to demonstrate new topics and techniques

My son likes coming to Sebright. It was a bit difficult for him to settle down at the beginning but his teacher communicated a lot with him and us.

My son made a remarkable change in his studies and behaviour thanks to the teachers. I’m happy that I actually talk to both of his teachers because I was able get feedback from both of them at the same time and I would like to say that I’m very pleased that I was able to talk to his Spanish and PE teacher too because now I know how is his progress in those lessons.

Warm, welcoming environment, staff go above and beyond to guide the children through the learning and encourage positive attitudes for all aspects of school life! Great work everyone, keep it up!

I am so glad that my child is doing so well at school and has made such good progress. Many thanks to the wonderful teaching staff at Sebright.

Great atmosphere, lovely and welcoming. Really pleased with my child's progress and the fantastic approach from all teaching staff. It was fab to meet with all the teachers that work with my children. Good work Sebright.


I really like that the children are involved in lots of activities and trips to support their learning, which also helps to give them exciting reasons to be at school.

Keep up the good work guys.

It is great to hear feedback on my son progress in school. It helps a lot to work alongside the Year 6 teacher to prepare children for their SATs and secondary school.

I have found the teachers and staff to be extremely helpful and available for communication when need be. The attention to the students needs even beyond the lessons is exceptional. We are very happy with Sebright and the philosophy of learning with keeping things fun and the focus on behaviour is excellent.

I am very pleased the way my child's progressed at Sebright.

I love Sebright because it is warm and welcoming.

Both my girls are very happy with all aspects of Sebright life! All their needs are met through the year. Thank you for all your hard work.

I like that teachers pay quite a lot of attention to children's needs. I can see a lot of improvement of my child in his studies.

Sebright is very happy place. I got helped out a lot.

I really like my son's teacher he is very helpful he has supported my son very well.

Sebright is a very welcoming school. All of the prefects helped me around. Another great parents day :)

I'm really happy with my child's progress and the communication from the teacher.

Great school. Clear direction and supportive ideas for further development.

Teachers are always pleasant and helpful. Teachers make effort to listen to any concerns I have had. The school makes an effort to build a sense of positive community. My daughter seems happy most days and when she isn't school staff make efforts to help her settle.

[My daughter] has made a remarkable progress this year thanks to her teacher and the school.

I feel that [my son] has shown great improvement in his work. He is focusing more and working really hard. I'm happy with his progress. Hope for more years of fun learning. Thanks very much for all your hard work!

Another great day! As always we are very happy at Sebright. Happy with my child's development! Thank you

Thank you for your commitment to the children! Keep up the good work and your standard for education.

I am very pleased with my child's progress at Sebright, he is enjoying his time here. Sebright has a lot to offer in terms of learning and activities. The staff here are very helpful and always at hand.

Thank you for having Parents' Day, parents are able to communicate with teachers to know what the progress of their children in school is.

Sebright is really a good school with good teachers my kids keep improving everyday. I am really happy with what Miss Martin and her crew are doing with them. What I will say is they should keep on with their good work.

I'm very proud of the school and how they are helping my children learn and also the teachers are very helpful .

Really happy with what I heard from the teacher, it was really helpful for me so I could understand what I could do to help my son more from now on.

I am so happy I picked this school for my girls they have done so well and the school have always encouraged them to do better and pushed them to achieve more goals. I hope they continue to do well. Such a proud mummy!