Sebright Feeling


Melis - Dancing was so fun. I want to do it again.

Melis. 3c - I loved that, it was so much fun.

A - omg soooo embarrassing lol

Zishaan 3S - I loved when this happened!!!! I wish we done this again

Keysha - That day was awsome

farhan 4l - It was great fun and it was a good song to listen to.

Julia - I wish the people that left was here because we had so much fun and they missed it and that's so sad

Mansi - I wish I was there. I miss Sebright so much

Megan-4L - That was so fun. I want to do it again !

aziza daubeney primary school - We did the exact same thing as you guys

Naveah - That dance brings a good vibe to our school!!

Alieu - Love it

Hilal - I like this is the best music in the world

Mya 5IR - It was so fun and I had a great time with my BFFs!!!!!

Nancy - I really miss Sebright!!! That dancing was really nice!!!

Nicquaine - This was a good day for me and it was enjoyable and spectacular

Cemre 5s - I loved the show.

amaan - I really miss Sebright

Berra - I Love SEBRIGHT and my best friend CHANDNI !!

Anna - I miss Sebright

Emaad - Fun times these days

Kean - Fun times

Emaad - lol Look at Emirhans Jason Derulo dance. can't stop laughing.

Rodelyn 3C - I love my school

Beatrix 2M - I loved it!! My favourite bit was when Mr Green jumped up out of his chair and danced! It was amazing!!!

Ivy 4TG - It was awesome!!!!!! I loved it!!

Dilara - I wish we could do it again, isn't everyone happy!

Ezel 4TG - I just can't stop watching it. Loved it so much!

Nabila - This was great I loved it a lot

Ezel 4TG - It was so enjoyable and fun

Ezel - It was very enjoyable.

Isabela - That was so fun


julia szulc - I love this, I love SEBRIGHT!!!!!!!

Kamalpreet - Sebright is cool !

Tugce - I love my school

Kairo - Everyone looks so happy

Mallaz 1C - It was fun. I love watching it every day

Justin -4L - Best carnival ever!

Kairo - It's so funny LOL

Leda - Can't stop feeling proud of Sebright school! Outstanding teachers and happy children

Maimunah - Awsome

Emine - We love it


Fowzia daubeney - That was amazing getting together and having fun

julia szulc - I love this because people were dancing and jumping and they were so happy so that's why I love sebright because people are so kind and happy people being so happy that they make you to laugh

Karen 5IR - So much fun

Kayleigh 4l - Hi Eliana how are you that video was so funny bye bff and Jayden ????????????

Nicquaine - I loved this day because we all got to sing and dance and other things that make us happy.

eliana 4l - This was the best day ever in my hole life! Made me feel so much better when I laughed at this.

Jeb 5s - One of the most memorable moments of my whole life

JEB - This was so cool. I really want to do more! It was so cool and I enjoyed dancing with my friends. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!

SHAWNIYA - This was the best I was so happy. The funny part was when hafsa I 6p was dancing she was so into it. Byeee

Iqra - I miss sebright so much even my friends ????????

Alexis - Loved watching this. This school is still amazing with fab teachers and support staff. So proud to be have come here myself and now my two sons come here and love it xx

J - This is Fantastic.. Love that the whole school was involved!
Look forward to next years Carnival!!

Isata - So cute, so amazing!!!!! Everyone is dancing and having fun! Yipeeee! :)

Megi - I really love it I want to save it for the rest of my life ??

lashley - That was funny! Hahahahahahahaha

Devrim - I enjoyed watching the happy dances by teachers and pupils xxx

Hamide 6k - I love it

Chandni - It was so funny and I had a great time laughing with my BFFs!!!

Nikki - Awwwww such a feel good happy video that shows the love at Sebright!