Spanish learning website:

All pupils at the Blossom Federation can now use, one of the best online language-learning websites, which provides interactive and engaging activities and resources for children to learn Spanish.

This online language-learning platform promotes a fun, simple and engaging approach to language learning.

Languagenut nurtures reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through a wide range of games and activities. Children can practise forming full sentences and verb conjugations. They can save time with easy-to-find, automatically corrected activities.

Type on your computer, laptop, iPad, tablet or phone and let your children explore it. You can also download the app on your phone from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

All your children need to do to start using it is to enter their personal login details and select Spanish. Once they start practising, scoring points and winning medals, they will be able to keep track of their progress and achievements. They will also be able to access other 22 modern foreign languages including French, German and Mandarin.

Please, encourage your children not to miss this fabulous opportunity to learn more Spanish and other languages they like anywhere they are.