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Virtual Assembly - 12th May 2020


Demarae 2cop - Thank you Miss Tidey, hello everyone ?

Tazreen6s - I am definently confused.

Ellis 2COS - Thank you for the bones lecture. We thought it was amazing and watched it twice. Also, thank you Mr Hamlin for making us laugh every morning :)

Jessica3C - I love your seeing your virtual assemblies!!!

musa 4ba - you copied us but its okay
can i please go to school

Irfan 5L - Amazing I still remember you from reception sir.

Khadija - I like your virtual assembly because it is fantastic.

Bahsan 1m - I love your amazing work you do, and can I go to school please?????????

Miss Tidey - I love seeing all the fantastic things our amazing Sebright children are doing, keep it up! Demarae- your story is fantastic ? I’m so proud of you ???

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