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Virtual Assembly - 14th April 2020


Muskan3k - Mr Hamlin eats to many chocolate on Easter soooooooo funny ? and he looks so confused about it

Leda - Loved the introduction to this virtual assembly! Mr Hamlin secretly eating the chocolate eggs made us all laugh so much!

Mr Green - Thank you Mr Hamlin. Glad you got a few Easter eggs to enjoy :)

DAMIAN - It looks nice

Tazreen 6s - I wonder what Miss Copern has planned?
Sebright will definitely win the top of the rocks challenge ?⭐️

Wren - red class - The cake looked good!

Ella 5L - Go 5L! Don't eat too much chocolate Mr Hamlin! ?

Liv 1H - Mr Hamlin at the beginning it was funny because you saw us and then threw your chocolate on the floor!!!!!! ????? ?

Ms Chowdhury - Come on Sebright, we can do it- I'm so impressed with these points!
3C- keep rocking those timestables!!

Molly 2cop - yay 2cop is 4th on times table rock star miss you all

Kaleigh 6s - I love when you do the assembly

Mrs Coppen - Yaaaaaay! We rock on timestable rockstars! 2COP we're fourth! So proud!
Can we beat any other classes?

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