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Virtual Assembly - 14th May 2020


Samiha - I loved the assembly ?

Mrs Bird - Great assembly!

Tazreen Manha Zahraa - Thanks sir for putting our collage on the assembly.
Yes I think all the teachers should make a word collage
Even better idea what if everyone at Sebright tried to make a collage!!!???

Pls make everyone do this

Adam blue class - Amazing assembly and I loved Francis story!!! Amazing!

I find out some Lego facts what what surprised me most that 3 bricks you can set in 1600 different ways, and the talles Lego tower is 35 m tall! And also if you find the first ever Lego piece you still could use it with nowadays Lego bricks as it never changed! How amazing is that!

Mr Hamlin - Thanks Otto! I didn't know those Lego facts! (I'm not sure all of my facts were even true to be honest!)

Eliana6PR - Israel what editing app did your mum use?

Jessica3C - I miss chasing you Israel~

Ms Burrow - Thank you for another fantastic assembly. There is some incredible home (learning) fun going on out there! What an amazing story Francis, I hope there are some more tales to come about the adventures of Brown Bear and his friends!

Kamden 5L - I miss you sebright

usman - I love the assembly

damien - I liked the assembly

Ella 5L - That volcano is awesome! ?

Lois - Great assembly

Ruby 3c - I really miss sebright!! I really miss wish I could see my friends ! I am learning the keyboard I might get a piano teacher after the corona virus has slowed
it's spread . I really wan't to see MY TEACHER SO MUCH IT MAKES ME ANGRY !!!!!!! but I think it might take a lot of time until the coronavirus has ended

Otto 5L - I have 2 lego facts. The first one is that lego was created in Denmark. And the second one is that the first lego piece created was red.

Kaiya 4s and Sofia 1m - I really liked the super potato story ❤

I really really liked the volcano experiment!! ?

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