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Virtual Assembly - 15th April 2020


Joel 4S - at first when i saw the whole thing it was good now i just watch this to see the origami show

Leda - Excellent origami demonstration- thank you miss! And your collection is impressive

Joel 4S - Nice origami show ms it was a blast I really liked it I've already made two by myself

Mia3c - Me and my dad have already made 2 cranes!

natasha 4S - I used stop motion studio

Kayleigh6PR - Shout out to my best friends especially Jayden I miss school.

jermaine 1m - Thank you for the assembly!

Mr Hellyer - I really liked the NHS thank you packs. What a fantastic and thoughtful idea!

Molly 2cop - Wow I do not know how to make paper birds but I won't give up trying, miss you all love Molly

Elliot and Bethany 6PR - Me and Bethany truly enjoyed that movie 10/10. I would like to know what editing app you used.

Bahsan 1m - It was amazing I love your homelearning

Bahsan 1m - Can you do a reading assembly please thank you ?

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