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Virtual Assembly - 17th July 2020


Elif Nursery - It was a very nice sharing. ?

Rosie N - I love my school ❤❤❤???????

Leraya 4S - What time is summer school?

Bahsan 1m - I loved it it was good????????I hope every person comes back to school

Kayleigh 6PR - I am going to miss Sebright when I leave.

Mallaz-3c??❤️????? - Love the music, hope to see you at school. Stay safe?????????.

Khadija A - Do we have to bring masks at school? ?????

Adam blue class - Love it! Thanks to Mr Hamlin! And looking forward to see you all back in September!!!!

Molly 2cop - I am gonna miss all my teachers

Eylul Deniz 5p - Thank you Simi ??

simi 5p - Happy birthday Deniz you are now a two digit number

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