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Virtual Assembly - 19th May 2020


Lois - Great assembly

S e l I n a :D - Great assembly ^v^

Kayleigh6PR - love your flowers Mr Hamlin especially the pink roses love them.

Mr Hamlin - Kaleigh - Just send in a video of you doing something sciency and explain as you are doing it and I can include it in the video. (The robot voice by the way is me!)

Mr Hamlin - Hi Ella - I did't get your video I'm afraid - could you get your mum to send it through again!? Thanks!

Charlize 3C - Thank you Ben I was the one who drew flareon, jolteon and Eevee

Khadija ali - How do you go on Google classroom???

Henry 4ba - Musa I was not able to watch your cooking on the 19th of may due to issues with not letting it load up but still keep the cooking up??

Henry 4ba - You're welcome musa?

Leda - Thanks Sebright children for sharing all your lovely ideas.
Musa, Elektra made your ice lollies yesterday:-)
And Lois, thanks for showing us how to make a bird feeder, we will try it!

Eliana6PR - I think i'm gonna try that at home Kaiya.

Marcelo - Great assembly everyone ;)

musa 4ba - told you henry :)

Ella 5L - Mr Hamlin did you get our Science video??

Kaiya 4s - Reply to Kaleigh... you use dry wipe board pens, draw on a clean plate and pour water until they rise up (don't over fill the plate). You can make a temporary tattoo!!

Ben 1H - I like the fire type flareon drawing

Kaleigh 6s - How do you do the science at sebright?

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