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Virtual Assembly - 1st June 2020


Khadija - I miss all the city years ???????☺?

Elektra - Great assembly! Thank you xxx

☆S e l I n a☆ 5l- - Nice assambly! :D

Charlize 3C - Keep sending lots of videos and pictures when my mum tries and you don’t let our pictures go to the virtual assembly.... But please send it.

Lois - Great assembly

Kayleigh 6PR - I like your assembly's Mr Hamlin Can you do another reading assembly when you tell us a story like you did with the gruffalo please. Also I really enjoy home cooking with chef say.

Elizabeth - I love this assembly!!!!??????

musa 4ba - Please more virtual assemblies that means more cooking

Mr Lyne - Great to see you and your family doing the science activity, Hayley. Looked like it was a lot of fun!

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