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Virtual Assembly - 1st May 2020


Lizzie Mullaney - Lovely poetry tips! And thank you for including Jarv’s poem! ?

Mallaz-3c - My favourite fruit is a ? watermelon!!??????????apple and? strawberry.

Afreen 3k - I used to have that book mr lamy

Khadija - When are we going to back to school Mr Hamilin

Afreen 3k - My favourite fruit is strawberry ?

Kayleigh6PR - Shout out to Eliana's sister jessica enjoy your birthday.

Tazreen6s again ? - Very good tips for poetry.? I really miss Sebright.???❤️?

E l i a n a 6 P R and J e s s i c a 3 C - We have that book at home Mr Lamy!

alethiou - Keep well!

musa 4ba - i check your youtube channel out and it is really nice :) I subscribed

Ecrın 3rc - I loved The Song at The start ?

Adam blue class - What an amazing assembly!!
How I miss my best friend Tabari and rest of my friends! And all the Sebright team! Big hugs to everyone

Kayleigh6PR - Shout out to Eliana's sister Jessica hope she enjoy's her birthday tomorrow

Ella 5L - That song is a very good ear- worm!!! ?

Negev 5L - When we get back to school can you keep making virtual assembly :)

Mr Hellyer - Wow, a poetry bonanza on this assembly. Thank you to Sabrina and Tabari for a masterclass in poetry.

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