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Virtual Assembly - 20th April 2020


Miss Martin - Hello!! Miss Martin here checking on all of you from Spain :) How wonderful to see everyone growing up so beautifully (not you Mr hamlin and Miss Roberts, you are just as young looking as I left you, of course). Leon, you are a movie star! Lovely to see Ralph, Selina and Otto on the chat, too. Lots of hugs for everyone, I miss you :)

Miss Roberts - There are definitely a lot of white rectangles on my wall that look like switches - 16 of them altogether. :)
Loving seeing all this home learning; the food is making me especially hungry. Yummm!!

Nicquaine - 6S - Jaylen and Jahmai the food is looking so nice. I wish I can be there to have some.

Shoutout To 6S I am missing all of you guys

Otto 5L - Leon I loved the birthday card you made for your Nana!

Charlize 3C - Make sure to go on multiplayer rock slams to see if I’ve invited you into a challenge even you Mia and ruby?

Selina 5l - Loves the drawing miss roberts :D I like drawing as well some if you might know that if your reading this-:}
And I liked the virtual card you made for your grandma Leon I kinda feel wierd sending this to these bright web because I'm not really confident at talking to people-

Estevao6s - I think I saw sixteen light switches in her room..

Charlize 3C - Today and tomorrow is the big day! Let’s try to win in times tables rock stars! I’ll be challenging some of you!

Just doing reading today

Mia3c - It's my birthday tomorrow

Molly 2cop - I love drawing aswell

Kayleigh6pr - Big shout out to 6PR I really enjoy your assembly Mr Hamlin.

Ruby 3rc - I think it is sixteen light switches well I will be so??????? Angry If Iam wrong , tell me I am right I know I am am I 100% correct you know I am

Marcelo - Thank you for the great assembly.Could you please make a salty recipe as well? ???????

Mrs Coppen - Jaylen and Jahmai! I think when isolation is over I need you to cook me a seafood platter! It looks delicious! Don't forget to invite Mrs Coppen when you open up a restaurant!

Ralph and Frank - Wow! Leon and Noah - that was the best virtual card! So cool! Love the drawing Ms. Roberts, I drew an eagle for my dad's birthday's card - Ralph. Shout out to Musa from Frank - great Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch activity! And finally - Jaylen and Jahmai, that seafood platter looks DELICIOUS! Have a great day everybody!! :)

Eliana6PR - i loved your drawing miss Roberts!
I'm Finally Early!!

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