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Virtual Assembly - 20th May 2020


Khadija - Mr Hamlin your so funny?

Aisha from nursery - All the food videos make me hungry! ?

Jessica3C - I really enjoyed the virtual assembly

Zara 3k - I love mr Hamelin so do Adam we miss school so much I miss you all.

darcy 3c - I miss school very much I hope I go school for my birthday in 3 months

Kayleigh6PR - Shout out to jayden miss you.

Musa 4ba - Yourbthe best to marcelo
Shout out to marcelo amelie frank yuri henry and everybody in my class your the best thx???

Kayleigh6PR - Shout out to Jayden I miss you.

Charlize 3C - My video finally Went to the virtual Assembly—_—

Marcelo - Shoutout for Musa the master chef of Sebright cookery school.???

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