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Virtual Assembly - 21st April 2020


Miss Bird - Hi Liv and Natasha, so happy you enjoyed Teddy and Leia's video. Happy Birthday Mia, hope you had the best day possible!
We would love to see some pictures of your pets. Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

Tazreen 6s - Happy bday Maudie/Mia! It was so obvious that sebright would win the top of the rocks competition!!!!!!!?????
Shout out to my amazing wonderful talented smart kind caring class 6S!!!!!!!!!! Miss u guys so much

Mrs Thomas - Well done Sebright and happy birthday Mia

Mr Green - Wow! Fantastic news Sebright Times Table Rockstars! Keep up the great work.

Charlize 3RC - For Mia happy birthday to you! I wish you a lovely day. About ttrs I knew we were going to win! :)

Natasha4BA - Miss Bird's dog is so cute. I miss school! Happy Birthday Mia!!!

Natasha 4S - Happy birthday Mia??
I cant believe we WONE!????????✖

yahya 3c - Happy birthday day Mia

Kayleigh6PR - How can we stay in touch with our friends?

Electra - We actually won?????

Marcelo - Can’t believe we won in TTR???4️⃣➕9️⃣
And were is the cooking miss say ?????

Liv 1H - Hi Miss Bird, cute dog!

Ella 5L - Of course Sebright would win! ???

Ruby 3c - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ??????? then Mia
I miss sebright every Day
It makes me ... So ... MAD not to see my friends every day???? I can't take it?????

Eliana6PR - Thank you!! Kayleigh for the shoutout!

Kayleigh6PR - Shout out to my best friends Eliana, Issabelle Ibrahim Nabilah Bethany and Jayden I love your virtual assembly Mr Hamlin.

Mrs Coppen - Yaaaaay! Sebright! How fantastic!

Mia3c - It's my birthday today

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