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Virtual Assembly - 22nd April 2020


Miss Hazelwood - Well done guys! Lovely to see all your great ideas. Great music video Demarae :)

Eloisa - Lois your cookies look amazing I'm definitely going to try and make them. Save me one for when I see you!

Mrs Coppen - Looooved the amazing DJ! Also what an amazing idea for toilet rolls! I will be stealing that idea for my little one! Thank you!

Zara 3k - Thankyou Mr Hamlin, Ms Khanom an all the children on today's assembly. I hope everyone is well an safe. Adam has been enjoying seeing Mr Hamlin so please can Mr Hamlin give him a message at tomorrow's assembly he would love it :)

Dante 5l - Love the assembly and love cookie making from luis

Kayleigh6PR - Eliana how can we stay in touch with our friends.

Eliana6PR and Jessica3C - thank you 4 appreciating my drawings kaykay!
also (T > T) lets not talk about that embarrassing excercise video!!!
(i wish you skipped that part of the video guys....)
i told my mum it was a bad idea but she did it anyway!!!

Charlize 3C - When I saw the Pokémon on your shirt Eliana I fainted just joking! Don’t take it seriously.

Abdullah 5p - I agree with you aman

Natasha4S - those cookies look yumie Lo

Kayleigh6PR - I love the drawings you and & your sister have been doing Eliana.

Aman - That's a lot of emojis ???

Isra 3k - Miss khanom I really enjoyed your assembly and today it is my birthday ? ??????

Leda - Thanks for another assembly, it was great to see all the children doing great stuff at home, we loved all the videos!

Molly 2cop - demarae did great on the piano

Liv 1H - Cool assembly, thanks

Ella 5L - Hello cool music! Shoutout to 5L! ???

Marcelo - Thank you Henry.???

Marcelo - Thank you for the Great assembly!? And I don’t like nuts in cookies Lois. ???

Henry 4BA - Well done everyone who was not scared to go on video !!!!!

Miss Tidey - Hey Demarae, I love your music video!!! ????

musa 4ba - yeah its on youtube we always watch it on the tv !!! and i subscribed :)

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