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Virtual Assembly - 23rd April 2020


Andrej s ,Diana s , Elizabeths mom - It's very good. The assembly helps the children at home to behave better. And stay safe everyone

AYANA - Love it so much stay safe see you soon ??????

wellington 5p - Mr Hamlin you always do an amazing assembly and i'm always pleased to see all of you teachers because i really really miss you guys so much!!!

Charlize 3C - In ttrs multiplayer Fatimah Bonnie and Miss Chowdury I’ve challenged you guys please check UwU

Eliana6PR - Shoutout to Kayleigh and Nabilah also great assembly!

Liv 1H - Really pleased to see you Mr Hellyer!

Wycliff - Thank you for a wonderful assembly

yusuf nursery and musa 4ba - Yusuf loves Mr Lamie's stories!!!

Marcelo - You said miss say will be cooking today.so is it going to be tomorrow???
Thank you for the great assembly.and I loved the story???

Ben 1H - I miss school. Mr Hellyer is great.

Isaac - I like your story❤️?⚽️

ruby 3rc - That was an AMAZING assembly Hope everyone is staying safe.

Negev 5L and Luka blue class - We love the theme songs. We think you need a closing theme song at the end.

Kayleigh6pr - Shout to Jayden and Eliana also I love your assembly Mr Hamlin.

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