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Virtual Assembly - 23rd March 2020


Jessica - Thank you Mr Hamlin ??

Jeb year 7 - Omg this is so cool!My school doesn't do this. Keep safe everybody!

Ruby 3rc - I don't know my password

Ephraim - My school does not have virtual assemblies but Sebright does. Oh how I really miss Sebright.

Wycliff - Thank you so much for doing the virtual assembly and i really liked th breathing song

Charlize-3C - The home schooling name is funny but we still gonna learn!????

Nihal - loved the virtual assembly it was amazing, awesome and fun.

Megan - Thank you for setting up these virtual assembly.my favourite breathing technique is the child pose

Chisom 4s - WOW so many comments!

Olive - Olive says we all love you and you are the best. Thanks for assembly. I have got my desk at home now. Take care. Hello to all my friends in reception and year 1 and 2

Dylan & Logan’s mummy - Great virtual assembly Mr Hamlin, both boys enjoyed seeing nice friendly familiar face. The breathing technique Logan showed me this, it’s great to help the children & us adults learn to control our emotions at this difficult time. ??

Andrej s ,Diana s , Elizabeths mom - this will be very helpful for my kids thank you mr hamilin

Mr Hamlin - Wow Sebright! Lots of love for my flowers in my garden - thank you very much! I'm sure glad Spring is round the corner!
Just uploading the new assembly now!

If you're log in details don't work, please get your parents to send me a quick email and I'll get those sorted.

Tazreen mum 6s - Thank you Mr Hamlin for your update I look forward to seeing another virtual assembly. The assembly was really helpful for me and my children. Zahraa really liked the idea of a virtual assembly:) ???☺️

Henry 4ba - Thank you for the virtual assembly

Asli - Taner year1
He really enjoyed your assembly today
Thank you
Brilliant idea Mr Hamlin

Mariam Ali - Thanks Mr Hamlin! Your garden is very nice. Those breathing lessons were very helpful....especially when I’m around Yaqub ?Hope you stay well and safe over the next few weeks - or until the end of the year ❤️

Frida - Frida says: 'thank you Mr Hamlin, I liked your assembly because I loved the flowers. Hello to Ms Burrow and all my friends in Reception. x'

Mya year7 - This virtual assembly was great! I loved it! Thank you for putting this together Mr Hamlin!

Year5 student - Thank you Mr Hamlin for our first virtual assembly.

Natasha-4S - Thanks , I can't wait for the next virtual assembly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alfie Scorer - Hi Mr Hamlin, I have a cup which I’m making into a pen holder

Eliana6PR and Jessica3C - Eliana:I really enjoyed this Virtual Assembly!
Jessica: I loved this virtual assembly!

bethany and elliot - Thank you for doing the virtual assemblies my mom and sisters has set us up a learning station and a reading corner.

Layefa (Israel and Isaac’s Mum) - Dear Mr Hamlin
Isaac from 1h does not have a login for busy things
Please when you get a chance can we have it.
Kind Regards

JAHARI - My favourite breathing technique is pretending to blow bubble

Israel 3c - I liked the breathing technique and the flowers

Mrs Collins - Thank you Mr Hamlin, my family loved your assembly.
Hello Sebright! I hope everyone is keeping safe :)

Mallaz 3c - This video is so important and helpful. We love your garden, Mr Hamlin.

Taseens mom - Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Yunus and Bilal - We liked the breathing and song, it chilled us out :) We can't wait for the next virtual assembly thanks Mr.Hamlin

Berkay 5P and Berra 1M - Thank you for your advice on what we can do during the day!I tried to login to LGFL but it always says,your password is incorrect please try again later.Please can you send me a new password?

Jahsiah 1H - Jahsiah enjoyed the assembly. He is also looking forward to the next ones. Thanks Mr Hamlin?. He also wanted to say hello to Mr Hellyer. Stay safe everyone

Isra Talukdar - Thank you Mr Hamlin, I really enjoyed the assembly and I liked your flowers in the garden??

Mariya Talukdar - Thank you for the assembly Mr Hamlin. I really enjoyed it?

Priya - Thanks Mr Hamlin I think the virtual assembly is a great idea! Me and my family all did the breathing in the morning.
Its so amazing ??

Elizabeth- 4BA -Andrej 2COP-Diana-3K - Thank you for your virtual assembly .it will be very helpful for us we liked it to much????

Ben - Hello Mr Hamlin, I liked the breathing ??

Musa 4ba - hey i subscribed :)

Musa 4ba - wow thank you

Ayas - Hi mr Hamlin we done my times tables rocks stars but itdnt work

Ella 5L - Hi, nice assembly. I'm looking forward to loads more! ?

Leda - Thank you Mr Hamlin for all the extra effort you put into staying in touch with all the children and for giving them a sense of continuity and community.

Great work and keep it up please!

Raphel 4S - Thank you Mr Hamlin. The breathing helped me relax.

Liv Rochford - I love Sebright! I love your flowers too, they are really lovely. X

Lauran 6s - Mr Hamlin I loved it and hope you could done so I can watch it♥️I miss all the teachers and 6s because we might not see each other again but we can still get in touch with each other♥️?

Ciara - Morning mr Hamlin

Elektra - Thank you for the Assembly.
I would like you to read a story ????.

Zara - I love the video mr Hamlin my baby brother Adam enjoin seeing you too

Kaiya 4s & Sofia 1m - I really enjoyed your assembly. Your flowers are beautiful ?
I hope we are not off school for too long.

Marcelo - Thank you for trying your best to show us what you have done to your kitchen :-)

Safah Ahmed - We enjoyed your virtual assembly Mr Hamlin.

Tabari - Thank you for that song and assembly it was very cool I really like it next assembly can you play some music please and hello to all my friends in reception!

Ralph, Frank and Ashley Allenby - Thank you so much for this assembly, it means so much :) We are looking forward to starting our day with you each morning! Have a lovely and safe day.

Yaseen - Thank you Mr Hamlin :) Stay happy and keep safe everyone.......

Amber - Amber liked seeing you Mr Hamlin very much, but also wondered whether Ms Oliveria or Mr Lamy might be able do something virtually for the nursery children?

Kıvanc - Good mornıng Mr hamlın thank you for assembley breathıng tecnıc ?? Kıvanc happy to see you he really mıss school and frıends take care yourself and yourself

Mia - I really enjoyed the breathing with the flowers in your garden.

Nihal - I loved the virtual Assembly it was just like a real assembly just on screen and I love that there are going to be more virtual Assembly.

Ilhan - Thank you

Beatrice, Nell and Nancy - We like the flowers in your garden!

Kaleigh 6s - This morning I love your virtual assembly ??????

eloisa rigo McSweeney - Thank you Mr Hamlin we all watched it over breakfast and practised our breathing. It's a great way to start the day!

Myles 4S - I really liked this assembly and it was good, which obviously means it was a great day to do an assembly. Thanks Mr Hamlin

amelie - i have a home school it is called stevenson academy and we have a time table chart :)

Devrim - Thank you for lovely ideas take care yourself and your family x

Laura - Sam said he really likes the idea of watching an assembly and a story is a good idea.

Naomi and Rafael - Good Morning Mr. Hamlin :)

Mr Hamlin - Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy the virtual assemblies!
If you do have anything you'd like to ask me or include in an assembly, just leave it in the comments below.

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