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Virtual Assembly - 24th April 2020


Afreen 3k - Is there going to be another virtual Assembly

Afreen 3k - IM FASTING! Oh and happy Ramadan

Amana - Happy Ramadan

yaqub - Thanks mr hamlin for the reception video

Kaleigh 6s - Loved the music at the end of the assembly

Ella & Liv’s Mum - Thanks to all staff for another fantastic week of virtual assemblies. We love watching them every morning. Have a good weekend. Stay safe x

Charlize 3C - Yeet! I’m soo early! And the year 4’s nursery trailer is very funny and cute, ??

Mallaz-3c??❤️????? - Hi, everyone hope you are safe and secure ❤️??????. Nice assembly ?.

Eliana6PR - yay 6PR we got 2 certificates!!
im earlyyyyyy!!

israa 3c - How do we send our pictures and videos for the vitual assembly?

Amelie mum 4BA - Thank you we loved watching that film from 5 years ago ! So lovely ? to see the class ?

Tazreen6s again ? - Thanks sir for that amazing assembly.
Hahahaha ?? It's your turn year four!!!!!!
That was funny. Shopkeeper: Next up is year 3 thank you very much.???

Kayleigh6pr - big shout out to 6PR this class is amazing.

Miss Kandi - I think the assemblies are amazing. Sebright needs their own TV Channel!

musa 4ba - hey Mr Hamlin i beat your highest score in timetables rockstar (rockslam) you had 22 points i had 24 :)

Ecrın 3rc - Hello

Elif 5L - At the start you got your self so confused??‍♀️Happy Ramadan:)

musa 4ba - We celebrate ramadan!!!!

Marcelo - Thank you for the great Assembly.and did you like our videos??it was funny when I saw my friend when they were little.??

Electra - Thank you for the great assembly it was funny seeing the year four as they were in reception And everyone had a very good video and pictures I am going to send another video

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