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Virtual Assembly - 24th March 2020


Nihal - I will definitely challenge my teachers, definitely Mr Hamlin

mela 6s - I like the idea of these. .. .

Ruby 3rc - PLAY MORE MUSIC [please] IT WAS REALLY COOL.And could you read some children's comments. I would love it if you read some really positive ones

P.S.Si don't know my password

Leon & Noah - Mr. Hamlin YOU ROCK! We miss you so much xx

Mallaz-3c - Hello,Mr Hamlin.this virtual assembly was automatically FANTASTIC!!!!see your virtual assembly tomorrow.sign off.SEBRIGHTTT!!!!!

Ms Corpe - We will be adding some links for speech and language activities, as well as, other ideas for children with ASD soon.

Patrice & Demarae 2C - Hi, will parents with special needs children be receiving some kind of support or some sort of communication in regards to there work structure?
I haven’t heard anything yet...

Enzo Ferreira mum - Finding very different to get my log in details for the home learning, I did not receive anything at all
Can you help please? Try to call the school but no answer

Mya year7 - I named my home school Hamlin fun school because you were one of my favourite teachers in Sebright and you made primary school fun for me. I love your virtual assemblies! Thank you for putting your time and effort into making these virtual assemblies, they're fantastic!! Great guitar playing, you're a professional! My favourite genre of music is Kpop and my favourite band is BTS.

Jordan and leylas mum - Hi Mr Hamlin, loving the virtual assembly. .....Jordan said 'wow, Mr Hamlin is cool!...thanks to you and the team for all your hard work. Please could you send Leylas ixl login details please. Reception Blue. The one I have doesn't seem to be working. Keep up the great work.

Nell - Thanks for the super funny assembly. I think all the children liked it. Thanks Mr Hamlin. I am missing you sometimes, because you are funny. Nell

Adam - Thank you mr Hamlin, so nice to see You as I miss my school so much!
Is our log-ins work for all the pages the same?
I try to log in on numbots? thank you!

Mrs Thomas - Mr Hamlin, I am loving your assemblies.
And I love all the comments from our lovely children.
Keep working hard everyone and keep checking our website.
Big hug to everyone including Mr Hamlin

Bobby 5L & Jimmy 2COS - Hey Mr Hamlin
Greetings from Dad's School for Dad's Education and learning.
Bobby would really like a shout out to 5L. His favourite music is rap.
Jimmy wants someone to send him a rockslam! Jimmy loves some heavy metal!
Looking forward to tomorrow's assembly.

Ibrahim 6PR and Abdurrahman 1M - Thank you Mr Hamlin for the assembly, we enjoyed it a lot. We are doing lots of reading and number bonds. We will try to do TT rockstars as well. We loved the guitar playing. Though we are at home we are learning.you are best Mr Hamlin.

Myles 4S and Chrissie, Headteacher at the EMC Academy - That electric guitar was AWESOME! Tomorrow I'm going to challenge you Mr Hamlin to a Rock Slam!

Hi Mr Hamlin,
Just want to extend my thanks for the content you're providing. It really is lifting spirits in our household. Here at the EMC Academy we've been learning about Picasso, we've been dancing to Just Dance and baking as part of our science lessons. Myles has also written a very strongly worded letter to the Prime Minister as part of his formal writing task. LOL. See you same time tomorrow! Stay healthy everyone.

Estevao - Wow! I didn’t know that you could play guitar like that. Great job!

Tugce 6s - My favourite music is definitely pop! (I mean who doesn’t like Billie Eilish)! Btw I miss everyone soo much! It’s so boring at home! And Taz I love the name BeBright! ?

Megan and Claire - Our favourite type of music is pop

Ella 5L - Hi again. Nice gitar playing. ?Me and Liv haven't named our school yet. In one of the assemblys can you give some tips on what to do when you're bored at home. ?

Liv 1H - I love your guitar playing! And I love your assembly. Please tell Miss Owusu I miss her so much.

Molly 2cop - hello mr Hamlin
iv been doing PE with Joe wicks

Adelaide and Minty - Hello Mr Hamlin! Thank you for the assembly. Hello to Ms Coppen and Ms Owusu and all our friends at school. ???❤?????

usman - can you play your favourite song on your electric gutar

Elektra - Thank you for the assembly today can I please have a shout-out for 1M?

Eloisa 5L - oooooo k then! Nice music Mr Hamlin. I just did a work out with Joe Wickes he's really great but I'm tired.

Pacey-John red class - Pacey-John said you forgot the full at the end of the sentence ? and his school is called pj universe

Xander Kelly - our home school is Kelly's Happy Home school

Marcelo - Thank you for the great assembly and I will be challenging you on TTR ???

Berkay and Berra - Thank you for the video,keep you and your family safe! Me and Berra work together to help each other out(but mostly I help her) Sometimes, she gets a little bit crazy and she misses all of the teachers at school ☺️

Priya - I really enjoyed the music ?at the end of the video. I found it really relaxing ?!

Tazreen6s - We called our school BeBright school and we do a lot of crafts and tonnes of ixl and maths. We do a lot of art and we practice out times tables and do lots of science experiments like when we put mentors in a coke bottle. And thx for the virtual assembly!

ilhan3k - my sister bahsan wants numberbots and it was amzing. do not stop

DYLAN - it was quite interesting today. Can you put a shoutout to 5L

Mr Hamlin - Hi Chisom from 4S - I took up your challenge - but you were way too fast for me!

Wow - Naomi and Rafael - Your home school sounds incredible

Bethany and Elliot - I like pop too!

Ben 1H - your guitar is amazing.

Hayley and Poppy - We go to HayPop Academy where we do the daily mile . We recommend Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) for daily PE session. We really miss Sebright.

Beatrice, 4BA - Hi Mr Hamlin, I liked your guitar playing!!!!

Deniz 5L - Good morning Mr Hamlin, just watched your virtual assembly it was great looking forward to the up coming ones. I will work on times tables rockstar today. Thankyou Sir

2C - Can you do a presentation about St Patrick's day? Nice assembly.

amina - super duper helpful

bethany and elliot - thank you for the video we will defonately going onto ttrock stars and playing :) our favourite type of music is pop!

Naomi and Rafael - Good morning Mr. Hamlin! We had a busy day yesterday, we have been doing PE with Joe Wicks, learning Tai Chi, phonics, writing story about The Great Fire of London, we were making Mosaic as our craft time, and draw faces like a Pablo Picasso :) We used StoryLine Online for our stories. We will definitely get on the TT rockstars later today :) Thank you.

Chisom 4s - I loved your virtual assembly. .Just to tell you Mr Hamlin I challenged you !
I looked out the sky and saw it was not just blue but bright.Like SEBRIGHT but it will will be called BLUEBRIGHT!
I did square breathing this was the time 08:30

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