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Virtual Assembly - 25th March 2020


Chris Holden - Hi everybody at Sebright,
Even though I don’t work there anymore, you are still my Sebright family.
Love visiting and seeing you all.
Love watching the virtual assemblies
Love to all
Take care everyone
Xx xx

Isaac 1h - I like the breathing technique ???

Mallaz-3c??❤️????? - Hi,Mr hamilin.plz do the the breathing at the end like the first assembly.i loved it!!!!!!?????????????????????➕➖➗I do ixl at home.do ixl at home,kids.SEBRIGHT BYEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy Yr7 - I miss Sebright, even if I don't go there anymore...

Eshan 4s - I like potatoes?

Ms Stabana 4S - Mr Hamlin these assemblies are fabulous and I am really looking forward to the next one!
Just Like Mr Green I really miss my Sebright family, especially my class 4S. Please could you do a shout out to year 4 in one of your assemblies and let them know we (Mrs Ali, Ms Bitra and I) miss them loads. :)

Alisrtair and Ansleigh - Hi

bethany and elliot - hi sir me and elliot has also been doing the 30 min joe wicks work out at 9 am its so fun and me and elliot just did 4
SATS papers!

Lauran 6S - Hi sir can 6s have a shout out pls♥️?

Mr Green - Dear Sebright
Awesome stuff Mr Hamlin and great to see so many lovely comments. I am missing my Sebright family.
Take care everyone.
Mr Green

usman - Please give a shout out to me and my friends

MS O`Mahoney - Helllooo sebright, I would like to say hello to all the children at SEBRIGHT. I have been reading the comments and watching the virtual assembly it is so nice to see so many different types of learning from home... Well done everyone... Miss you all.... Go sebrighters.

Charlize 3RC - Thank you Mr Hamlin. The virtual assembly! I really like the part when you breath in the nature!

Natasha4S - My school is called...
Kitty home school ??

Nabilah &Taseens - We like your assembly's but can you make them longer

Ruby 3rc - Do a shout out to year 3 please. I miss sebright so much

Simone (Jahari's Mum) - Never mind the children, this is a great calm start to my WFH day. Thank you x

Momo 5P - Can you do a shout-out for 5P and also Abdirahman!

Rowen Small 2Cop - I miss my school and friends. Keep safe every one?

Ella 5L - I agree with other people, nice shirt! My school still doesn't have a name. ?????????

Liv 1H - I like your shirt! Can you do a shout-out for 1H please!!!!!!

Tugce 6s - I really like the shirt sir! Please next time could you do a shout out for 6s! Thanks! I miss my friends soo much! ??

Elektra - Thank you for The shout-out. Can you please give me and my friends, Sofia and Dara another shout-out?
good acting skills:-)

Marcelo - Can you please give a shout out to me and my friends in 4BA?

And great acting skills.??
And I cannot beat you at TTR ??

Ben 1H - Your shirt is a tree!

Marcelo - Can you please give a shout out to me and my friends in 4BA?

And great acting skills.??

Frida - I liked your guitar because it was so funny I actually knew you were going to play guitar because you love music! Love Frida

Berkay and Berra - Hello sir,I challenged you twice on TTR lets see if you can beat me!Thank you for the virtual assemblies,it really helps me and Berra focus on what we have to do during the day!

Priya 5l - Hi Mr Hamlin, thank you for doing the virtual assembly again - please can you make it a bit longer ? I really enjoyed it ! ?????

2 COP mOLLY - Hello from Molly

Realen Roberts 2cop - Awesome Mr Hamlin, such a great job your doing! We are starting our day with Joe Wicks then onto Literacy and Numeracy at Sebright Gardens home school, Thankyou for keeping us motivated! Shout out to 2COP x

Tazreen 6s - Hi sir thanks for the passwords and nice shirt it matches your plant

Beatrice 4ba - Our home school is called Harry Hardnut’s School Of Hard Knocks!
The headteacher is Harry Hardnut himself (our dad) and the assistant Brian blackbelt (Errol our dog!).

Dylan - I was the one that said for a 5l shout-out!

Ms Burrow - A fantastic assembly as always Mr Hamlin! It was so wonderful to see all the fun taking place at home too ... keep it coming kids! We are sending lots of healthy and happy vibes to you all!

Mohamed - It's my brother's birthday today!

Momo 5P - Can you challenge me to TTR?My brother also wants to challenge you!Get ready Mr Hamlin

Negev 5L - Nice shirt nice plant

Luka (blue class) - Some of it was funny. Are you going to make more? Please can you make it longer?

Ibrahiim 4s - Mr Hamilin I challenged you

Ilhan3k - Thank you Mr Hamilton, it is very good to see you once again, our family enjoyed your assembly.

See you soon.


Aman - Can you play your favourite song on the guitar.

Kayleigh6pr - hi sir I challenged you on TTR see if you can beat my score.

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