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Virtual Assembly - 26th March 2020


usman - l love this story

Nihal - The first book that I tried reading was the Gruffalo.

Ephraim - What a classic

Raphel 4S - Please shout out to 4s

Ms Burrow - One of my favourite modern classics, and told wonderfully Mr Hamlin!
Tabari - are you Venus? I knew it was the hottest planet but YOU taught ME that it spins in the opposite direction to other planets! Excellent fact finding!
I am thoroughly enjoying all the videos, photos, shout-outs, home school names and most importantly, the love within our Sebright community!

Vivienne - Me and my brother loved this story. So funny! Your assemblies are so fun! thank you

Shadecia 5P - I really enjoy the assemblies. Thank you Mr Hamlin. Shout out to 5P

Jahsiah 1H - I enjoy the story it was really funny looking forward to the next one?. I also wanted to say hello to 1H.

Tazreen6s - Hey sir and thanks miss Roberts and I also miss my class and I also miss Tugce and Mela and Jaqui and all my other beautiful friends! ?? Go SEBRIGHT ❤️❤️❤️❤️?

Mallaz-3c - Every animal is afraid of me and my favourite food is a healthy salad??????.eat healthy and thank you for the shoutout?️?️?️?.GRUFFLO bye!!!!

Leda - Hi Mr Hamlin, great assembly as always, and how wonderful to see the super-lovely Mrs Roberts!
Thank you for your hard work - much appreciated.

Ayas 5p - Hi Mr Hamlin and Mrs Roberts thanks for the virtual assembly I still don't have a name for my home school

Natasha4S - Next time can you read a chapter book ?Give a shout out to 4S?

Kathy Yr7 - Ha ha ha! The voices really got me there Mr Hamlin.

OScar - Please can you shout to 4S

Elektra - Thank you for the story! it was very kind of you. :-)

Priya - Thanks Mr Hamlin I really like the puppets !????

Jamie Bird - I am loving these assemblies, Mr Hamlin, your video/film-making prowess has come a long way since your directorial debut. Well done, Sir.
Leia says hello!

Charlize 3C - Mr Hamlin I like how you do the animals voices my mum laughed a little! ???? We both enjoyed it!

Berkay and Berra - Thank you for telling us a story.I enjoyed it!Thank you for taking your time out of your day to entertain us,tell us stories and tell us what to do during the day!

Mrs Bird - Made our day Mr Hamlin!

Eliana6PR - When he said ''Shoutouts'' He sounded like a real Youtuber!
Also Mr Hamlin,Can you please give a shoutout to 6PR?
Lastly,Can you answer my question:
Can we facetime our friends at home?

Ilhan 3k - Good morning I loved the story I really want to come back I miss everyone
Bye from ilhan xxxxx

Tugce 6s - Thank you mr Hamlin and Miss Roberts! ? I still haven’t named my school too! I miss Sebright soo much!

Yunus and Bilal - We loved listening to the story Mr Hamlin, the puppets were great! We found it funny

Ella & Liv's Mum - Thanks so much for these fantastic assemblies! They are a highlight of the day. Wonderful to see Miss Roberts pop up too. xx

Ella 5L - Your story kept me in fits of laughter. I still haven't named my school yet. ?

P.S. Good luck year 6s!

Liv 1H - Loved the story we couldn't stop laughing! Thanks Mr Hamlin x

Eylül Deniz - Thank you Mr Hamlin for the virtual assembly it really helps me.

Marcelo - I was the one who said for the shout-out to 4BA!!!

Eloisa 5L - Mr Hamlin I really liked your owl voice toowhit toowhooooo!

Yaseen - Thank you for the story telling Mr Hamlin. It's my favourite....?

Ben 1H - it's good that you were outside

Tazreen6s - Hi sir nice story and I love the impressions! And also thanks miss Roberts. ??????☺️?

Mia3c - I really enjoyed the story telling because that was one of my favourite stories. My brother liked it too.

Abdur Rashid 2COS - This story was very funny! My baby brother couldn't stop laughing! Thank you for telling us this awesome story! ?

Ms Turkmen - Mr H! That was amazing. Well done!

kaleigh6s - Tomorrow is my birthday and I've read the book more than 10 times in my whole life

Mrs Coppen - Mr Hamlin! That was H's favourite story!! Thank you!

Kayleigh6pr - Big shout out to year 6 and Miss Vicky I miss coming to school

Aman - You're so kind. You take your time out of your day and that was my favourite story. Can you shout out the top 10 from times table rock stars.thank you so much. I really want to go Sebright .

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