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Virtual Assembly - 27th April 2020


James - Ha ha so good!!!!!?????

Charlize-3C - Hi everyone! I think I’m so obsessed with times tables rock stars and I am challenging Ms Chowdury a lot in rock slams,

Mallaz-3c - Hiii????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you are amazing, like the assembly.

Naomi and Rafael - Nice to see Ms Cosvic I had so much fun I miss you so much ?

Henry 4BA - My time table rockstar password is not working

Diana and Andrej - We loved this Virtual Assembly?❤. It was really fun and funny for Andrej!?????

Elizabeth - This was a really fun assembly . I loved it ?❤??????it was soooooo nice

Ella 5L - Helloooo!!! ? To the theme tunes! bye ???

Ruby 3c - A haiku should strictly speaking involve a seasonal reference !!! I am not what you would call a poetry master but I think I might try the poetry slam ?
P.S I still liked it though ??

Henry 4BA - Thank you for making virtual assemblies everyday

Luka (blue class) - Can you do more Arnie stories please. Because I know that you only did 1 page, right?

Mr Hellyer - Amazing teacher poems... I wonder if the students can make a poem just as fantastic!!

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