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Virtual Assembly - 27th March 2020


Ella 5L - This is so fun!!!!!!!! ?

Esther year 7 - Well done yr 5 I'm amazed cant believe you won yr 6 soon you guys need to beat my speed limit 0.56 rock hero

Kayleigh6pr - shout out to 6pr and the 6pr teachers and Miss Vicky I miss coming to school.

Mr Green - What a great assembly Mr Hamlin! Thank you Mr Power and Ms Say for your great home learning and well-being tips. Take care everyone.

Remi 3K - Thank you for all of the assembly’s , I really miss school and I’m getting upset because I can’t see my friends :( and I miss my teacher and can’t wait to see you all again but I love having my mum as my teacher right now

Yusraa - I’m will miss sebright my friends and teacher even my class because it’s gonna be a long time

Israel 3c - Are we still going to learn how to do the breathing techniques? ??

Mr Power - Well done Year 5 on winning the TTRS battle against Y6! We will set up more battles next week.
There is also still plenty of time to complete the google form I set up at: bit.ly/sebrighthomelearning. Have a great weekend everyone!

Otto 5L - I miss my friends soooo much and i have been using ttrs every morning and I practised a lot

Natasha 4S- - Can the next Thursday assembly be reading a chapter book?

Give a shout out to 4S please!

Ella 5L - I've named my school! Easter School For Those Who Love Chocolate. Or ESFTWLC for short.

P.S. Yes! Year 5 won the battle against year 6!

Mr Lyne - Hullo All, I hope you are all self-isolating, washing your hands regularly, and keeping busy.
The White Rose link has been added to the Sebright Apps page. Don't forget to use it, as there are lots of great links and apps on there.

Miss Owusu - Happy FRIYAY!
Stay safe everyone :)


Ayas - I can’t play my TTR it didn’t open ?‍♀️

Miss Tidey - Happy Friday Sebright! Missing you all & loving these assemblies, keeping us all connected. Keep smiling everyone ?

Ayas - Thank you for the vitrual assembly Mr Hamlin ,Mr Power and Mrs say I miss all my friends its so boring in my house I really miss school

Berkay - Thank you for mentioning me on TTRS!Thank you for taking your time out of your day to make these assemblies to entertain us!These assemblies help me alot on following a routine.

Momo 5P - Yes,Year5 won against Year 6!

Mrs Clark - Hello everyone at Sebright, keep up the good work and keep safe . Love the assemblies. Thank you. Have a good week end everyone .??

Elektra - Thank you for the time and the assembly it was gooood!? .

Zara 3k - Thank you Mr Hamlin for the virtual assembly all week.

Marcelo 4BA - Thank you for the great assembly
and you have a lot of vinyl mr Hamlin

Eylül Deniz - I miss school so much my friends and teacher’s after these bad days I hope I can go to school happily forever ?
Thank you for the teachers who gave some tips to do at home.

Tugce 6s - All of those tips are very helpful and thanks for all these great assemblies! I still can’t decide what to call my home school but all of those other names were absolutely amazing! ☺️??

Molly 2cop - Hello thanks for the assembly

Ben 1H - I like your books. My home school is called NINJA SCHOOL!

Charlize 3C - Hello to everybody in the school as Mr Hamlin says... We all hope you have a great awesome weekend! ??

Negev 5L and Luka blue class - Do you like our flowers ?

Kamden 5l - This a good website to use

Aman - Mr Power if you are in any future virtual assemblies can you shout out the top 10 from ttrs or Mr Hamlin

Aman - Mr Power if you are in any future

Mr Hamlin - Happy Friday Everyone!

Hey all the teachers at the Home Schools! - I found this article very helpful and I hope you do too:


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