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Virtual Assembly - 29th April 2020


Elizabeth And Diana - The kitty cat was soo CUTE!!!!????. Thanks for the virtual assembly!?❤????

fez 3c - i LOVE IT

Charlize - Helloooo sebright! In ttrs I challenged you Mr Hamlin! ;)

Kayleigh6PR - Shout out to my best friend Kaleigh

Ella 5L - I liked the cat. It was very funny! Meow!!! (That's cat for bye!!!) ?

Ella 5L - I liked the cat. ?Meow!!!

Mr Green - Thank you everyone for another lovely assembly. I find it really reassuring to see the pupils and staff every day. I am very impressed by all the amazing home learning. Keep up the great work everyone!?

eloisa - Hayley your castle is so cool and really creative well done to your sister too!

Naomi and Rafael - Very funny Mr Hamilin

Naomi and Rafael - Funny Mr Hamilin

Kaleigh 6s - That is my favourite assembly so far

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