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Virtual Assembly - 2nd April 2020


Jahmai 6s and Jaylen 2cop - Awww year 6 have grown soo much!! We absolutely love this video.

Priya - thanks Mr Hamlin for the assembly again !!!

Ibrahiim 4s - Thanks msg stabana I really appreciate it

Mariam - Awww the Yr6 look so cute. Thank you so much Mr Hamlin. You really have been the best teacher and such great help during this time. I miss Sebright sooooo much. I feel sad for the Yr6 because they might only have two weeks left before the summer holiday starts to see each other(or in fact it could be longer?) Make sure you spend the most at Sebright because the teachers and everyone are the best and trust me primary is so much better than Secondary. Anyway make sure you stay safe and well at home. and once again thank you so much MR Hamlin and btw do you have the old Yr6 reception video

EZEL 6S - Thank you MR HAMLIN for the video of us in reception. Everyone is so cutee.I miss all my friends and teachers.
Also thank you for these assemblies they are really helpful.


Logan 1H - Thank you Mr Hamlin for the get well soon shout-out to Logan. He saw it & it made him very happy.
He’s slowly getting better & managed to complete some of his online home learning today ??

Alieu's mum 6S - Thank you for sharing this video mr Hamlin. They all looked so cute ?

chandni - This brings back so many memories

ivy - I remember when we did the sebright airport!!
It was such a long time ago

Aisha ,Mallaz's mother 3C - Hi every one✋, I hope you all enjoy home school.
Mr Hamlin I am wondering how we send the home school picture and video to Sebright?.
Be safe, happy and work hard.
Thank you, Sebright bye!!

Joel 4S - Not to be rude but they are not that cute in my opinion my nephew is cuter

Malla-3c - I wish the best of luck to all of you.see you.sebrighttt!!!???????.get a lot of sleep.♥️????❤️???

Miss O'Mahoney - Awww they were so cuteeee, can't believe how much they have grown. How many of the children have left our sebright family? Can year 6 name their missing friends?
Stay safe everyone miss you all. ?

Natasha 4S - Y6 look sòoooooooooooooooòooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute?

I hope the corona19 doesn't lasted till my birthday the 18th of May?

Nell - I just want to be at my school??

israa 3c - I miss school, my friends and of course the teachers teaching me and my friends


Since the day you took responsibility of educating IBRAHIM, his progress has been very impressive. Thank you for your impact. We cannot thank you enough.

I have never known a teacher so patient and supportive. You are the reason why IBRAHIM is doing great in his class. We can’t be more grateful to anyone. Thank you for all the support!

Also, thank you for the Birthday Shout Out and please Remember to......

Stay SAFE??, Stay HOME??, Stay COOL??!

Eliana6PR - can you do our class next time Mr Hamlin!!!!???

Chisom 4s - I miss everyone so much in 4S!

Tazreen 6s - Wow mr Hamlin you had to embarrass us didn’t you.??☺️ But we were all so cute back then it brings back memories. It makes me miss sebright even more!!!!!!! My class is amazing .

Ms Stabana - A HUGE Happy Birthday to Ibrahim (4S).
I must say I miss your smiley face and enthusiasm to learn. I am also a little worried now that I won't have a job when we go back to school, as ? Cool ? is such a COOL? teacher!! Maybe I can be your Assistant Mr Cool?! :)
Lovely message from your parents to Mr Hamlin awwwww! I think they are cool ? too!

Ilhan3k - Shout out to 3k

Athanasia and Alethiou - What about the vegans? Half the amount of the cookies is sugar. why?

MRS CLARK - Wow that was great , thank you

Ella & Liv’s Mum - These assemblies lift our spirits everyday. Thank you to all staff for contributing and especially to Mr Hamlin for all the effort you are putting in. We appreciate it so much. Hope you are all staying well and looking after yourselves and your families. So happy to be part of the Sebright community xx ?

Elektra - Thank you for the assembly . Thank you for the recipe ?‍? say. My mum didn’t prank me because there were no school uniforms on the sofa ? . I prank to my mum way more than she did to me???????????. I have not seen years 6 So small be for?????.can you please give me a shout-out tomorrow morning .

Marcelo - My mum didn’t prank me. I knew ?because there were no school uniforms on the sofa ? And great assembly. I love the cooking.???

Marcelo - My mum didn’t prank me are you. I knew ?because there were no school uniforms on the sofa ? And great assembly. I love the cooking.???

Molly 2cop - Miss Say is real chef

Talia 6S (and Tyler’s) mum - Hello everyone! Thank you to Mr Hamlin and all the staff at Sebright for these amazing assemblies. They have become part of our daily routine ( after our 9AM workout ) and help us feel connected with our Sebright family. Also, thank you for all the home learning ideas, you are keeping us very busy!! Hello to all parents, keep going we can do this ???

COOL SCHOOL (PARENTS of Ibrahiim/Ilhan/Bahsan) - Thank you Mr Hamlin for creating such a great environment to learn and where we are encouraged to express our own thoughts.
We have never seen a superhero in real life, but we are quite certain that you are a superhero in disguise of a great teacher.
You are such an inspiration for life. Thanks for touching our lives in so many ways.

Stay SAFE??, Stay HOME??, Stay COOL??!

Kayleigh6pr - I miss everyone at Sebright especially my friends I love the virtual assembly.

Ilhan 3k - Thank you Mr Hamlin your the best thank you for putting cool school on the website and stay ?????????????????

Aman - Wow! I have never ever seen reception year 6

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