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Virtual Assembly - 30th April 2020


Ayas 5p - Cool song I really like that thx for the amazing assemblelly

Ekene 4ba - This is so cool

Leda - Also, shout out to the awesome Miss Maciver, whom we love and miss so much!

Miss Roberts - Loved the 'I Wanna Do That' music video - amazing!!

Leda - Shout out to Mr Hamlin for inspiring a whole generation of home learners to share their awesome videos and pictures with the school community!

Natasha 4S - When is Mr Outs gonna do another story?
I was really liked them .
Can my? go outside? Or is he in Quarantine to?
My birthday is in 19 days!!!!!!!!

Eloisa - I want to do it too lois and bruno!

Eliana6PR - it will be Jessica's birthday on Saturday so can u please give a shoutout to her!
it would mean so much to her!

Mr Hamlin - I know Amber! I really should have had my board up - I had no idea what day it was! However my children had turned my downstairs into the Three Little Pigs houses - you can hear them laughing and screaming in the background if you listen closely!

Mr Hamlin - Check out an amazing poem here: https://youtu.be/JFOA6zpcw_U
We'll be seeing some more in tomorrows assembly!

Amber Nursery - Where is your board today Mr Hamlin? We don't know what day it is!

Amber Nursery - Silly Mr Hamlin for not putting your board up today, that's why you didn't know what day it is!

Kayleigh6PR - Shout out to Mr Hamlin for his amazing assemblies

Liv 1H - Amazing work Lois and Bruno!

damien - I like todays assembly

fez 3c - i love it

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