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Virtual Assembly - 30th March 2020


Mrs Coppen - D! What amazing learning you are doing! I love the name of your school!

Ivy - hi it's ivy
I miss sebright so much
great assembly
love the guitar playing

Tazreen 6s - Nice tunes sir you really got talent! I really enjoy these virtual assemblies!????????❤️?????

usmam - l love this asembely

Leda - Another great assembly - thank you to all the teachers for their lovely videos, which kids enjoy watching every morning!

Berkay and Berra - We really liked this assembly because we got to see what other people are doing! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to entertain us!

Ms Maciver - Hi everyone, especially 1M as I have really missed you all. Chef say I am going to bake some flapjack later...hope I don't burn it!

Adam - Hi Mr Hamlin, I have missed school so much these days. Can’t wait to get back! Could you give hi to our Miss Borough at blue class please!!

Mariam Ali Yr7 - Thanks for that recipe Chef Say. Very Fancy ??. And Mr Hamlin those were nice. When did you learn? I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

bethany and elliot 6pr - we named our school fiery gardens

Bilal - Ms Oliveira, I sang along with my little bunny!

Miss Owusu - Hi Sebright,
Great home learning... keep it up!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALFIE, I hope you had a fabulous birthday weekend ?

Amber - Thank you for singing a song Ms Oliveira!

Tugce 6s - I didn’t know you could play the guitar so well Mr Hamlin and thank you Chef Say for the wonderful recipe I am definitely going to try it! ??

Eliana6PR - HI Kayleigh6PR!!! I have really missed you! and I hope we can hug and see each other again!

Liv 1H - Please give a shout out to our school - Easter School For Those Who Love Chocolate (ESFTWC)!
Love the guitar playing!

molly 2cop - Hi to all teachers hope you have a good time thanks for keeping us going with your virtual assemblies

Charlize 3C - Mr Hamlin I liked how you played the guitar! Please do shoutout to year3! ☺️?☺️

Elektra - Thank you for the video It was great . Thank you for the recipe chef?‍? say. Can you please give me and my friend Sofia a shout-out

Marcelo - Thank you for the recipe and the assembly ?

Kayleigh6PR - Shout out to 6pr and year6 teachers I miss coming to school, how can you stay in touch with your friends when your at home!

Miss Tidey - Another great assembly! Hello Demarae! I love Ninjago school, keep up the good work. Have a great week everybody ?

kaleigh6s - I will really miss sebright when I go to secondary school. When I go to secondary I will start to miss Sebright right away

Ibrahiim4s - I liked your assembly it was AMAZING ? so please could you do another one ??

Aman - Happy Birthday Alfie. That guitar playing was awesome.

Ibrahiim4s - I love the assembly it is almost my birthday too ??

Miss U. From Parks Primary School ;) - Nice tunes Mr Hamlin! We want to hear some more! Pleeeeaase

Ben 1H - Mr Hamlin your guitar is amazing. Happy birthday Alfie!

Mia3c - I liked the 3d endangered animals

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