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Virtual Assembly - 31st March 2020


Arisha - Hello my lamy I missing everyone

Mr Green - Thanks for sharing Mr Lamy. We love this story :)

Aleena - Hello Mr Lamy. I miss Sebright nursery class.

Naaim - Good

Didi - I loved the whole story. I miss everyone at Seabright and hope to see you soon. Can I have a shoutout tomorrow?
Love Didi

Sofia 3C - I am going to miss Sebright and my classmates. :)

Ilhan3k - I loved the story bye

Mia3c - I really liked the story . And I will also make a code cracker and flap jack I'm making one right nnnnnnnnnow

bethany and elliot 6pr - Thank you for the assemblies my mum will be sending photos of our home school !!!(fiery gardens) thank you for the shoutout

Charlize 3C - I miss Sebright too much! :) ?

Mohamed 5P - Thank you for reading my letter! Also, Rayan will get better and might beat you Miss Maciver someday!

Ibrahiim 4s - My school is called cool school???

Bilal - Hello Mr Lamy, I liked listening to that story! I like to eat party rings and oranges!

Elektra - Thank you for the video. Can you please give me and my friend Sofia a shout-out tomorrow morning and can you please give 1m a shout-out tomorrow morning please ????????. Thank you for the story mr Lamy

Marcelo 4BA. - Thank you for the great assembly and the story was astounding.???

Mariam & Yaqub 4BA - Thank you for that story on here. My baby brother really enjoyed it. Our school name is 'The People's School for Specifically only Humans, People and homo-sapiens who are not not human' Can you give a shoutout to our school.

Beatrice - Good luck Miss Maciver with the hula hooping and crocheting!

Berkay and Berra - Thank you for reading the book.Miss Maciver, I will send you a rock slam! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to entertain us and tell us what we can do during the day! Berra really misses miss Maciver and all of the other teachers!

Leylah from nursery - Thank you for the story mr Lamy and big thank you to all teachers for giving us feel of community while we all staying at homes. Keep safe X

Aman - I loved that story thank you.

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