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Virtual Assembly - 3rd April 2020


Khadija - Do we have to do it at 3pm?

Berkay and Berra - Come on Sebright we can win the Federation Battle! Lets all try our hardest!

Ms Bitra 4BA - Well Done Lois, Bilal, Sandra, Elizabeth, Sandra, Yaqub, Marram and Frank! You make me so proud with your achievements!! Keep it Up :)

Mallaz-3c - I loved this video and the cooking mmmmmm!!!!!!bye,❤️?????????

Lileeva 3k - C’mon sebright we can win this “vs” on time table rockstars ?

Tazreen6s again ? - I think Sebright is doing great. We're doing incredibly well in these tough times and the home learning from the early years and Ks2 has been a joy to see! #SEBRIGHTFOREVER #WERE IN THIS TOGETHER stay safe, stay strong and stay SEBRIGHT??❤️??☺️?♥️?????????❤️?????

Mr Hamlin - Natasha - worry not! I'll be back next week for sure!

Tazreen 6s - Sebright will obviously win the federation battle duh!!! Go sebright?????

Aimee’s mum - Please give a BIG shout out to Aimee in 5L for completing all year 5 IXL and is now doing year 6 IXL and enjoying the challenge!
Well done Aimee, ? ?

Elliot and Bethany 6PR - Me and Bethany will be sure to be online at 3pm we're practising now

Natasha 4S - Are we still gonna have assembly on the holidays❔❔❔❔❔❔❔I love all your hard work to do the assembly's ???

Mia3c - I'm definitely going to have a try at 3PM

Molly 2cop - love your videos

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