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Virtual Assembly - 4th May 2020


Rowen Small 2Cop - Mr Hamlin is funny, ?

Mr Green - Just LOVE those magical book bags! Amazing.?

Selina 5l - Liked the assembly! :D and stay safe! And I laughed when Mr Hamlin got hit in the face from the bag lol-

Selina 5l - Liked the asambely! :D and stay safe!

Charlize 3C! - Wow Duncan your bricks will soon be colorful! You could clap there for the NHS XD

Leda - Loved the assembly - and I want Miss Owusu's leggings! they are sick :-)

Elektra - Did you have a good time Mr Hamlin, being smacked on the face? hahahaha, you are very funny!! And I loved the video at the start :-)

Afreen 3k - I love the beginning

Amber Nursery - You are very clever everyone throwing bags to different houses. Watch your head Mr Hamlin!

Duncan - Hi everyone,
Hope your all well and staying safe and having fun at home.
Thank you Mr Hamlin for putting my pictures up.
Loved the bookbag throwing and laughed when the bag hit you in the face! .
Stay happy and hope to see you all soon..

Liv 1H - Nice volcano Ben! ?

Adam blue class - How I laugh when Mr Hamlin fall from get but with bag! Loved the number story!

Molly 2cop - Miss 2cop sooooooooo much. Stay safe.

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