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Virtual Assembly - 6th April 2020


Ilhan3k - Beautiful singing remi really miss you

Eliana6PR - when is it safe to go back to school?

Marcelo 4BA - Thank you for the great story.???

Aman - Really nice singing
Can you shout out 5L

Isra 3k and Mariya Blue - Nice story mr Lammy we really enjoyed it ?

Amelie - Mummy looking forward to our Stevenson school Ofsted inspection ?!!! Absolutely loving ? all the stories. Keep up great work everyone. ?

Tazreen 6s - Remi is a star in the making. what a beautiful voice. Also Mr Lamy wife is a great storyteller in the making!

Yahya - Big shout out to all year 3c

Very nice story

zahraa1m - Beautiful song remi it was amazing

Mallaz-3c??❤️????? - Hi, sebright. I am going on time tables rockstars!!!!!

Amber Nursery - Thank you Mr Lamy. I have been missing you and its nice to see you. Your wife tells silly stories! I hope your baby stopped crying.

Kaleigh - Remi I love how you sing and you have a great voice and vabrato(sorry if I spelled it wrong)????

Mia3c - Nice story

Ella 5L - Hi! Really nice singing ?!
Mr Hamlin can you do a shoutout to 5L please. ???

Liv 1H - I miss Mr Hellyer, please do a video, My H please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a shout-out to 1H! Thank you.
Great story, thank you! xoxox

Makai4ba - I wish I was back at school

Kayleigh6pr - Big shot out to 6pr and the teachers I like your assemblies Mr Hamlin.

Kaiya 4s - Mr Lamy your wife is amazing at telling stories! Me and my family really enjoy listening to them.
Remi your singing is beautiful ❤

Leon & Noah - Really nice voice and beautiful song!

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