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Virtual Assembly - 6th May 2020


Leda - I am pleased to report that Marcelo and Elektra’s new skill is making their beds in the morning and also making their breakfast by themselves ?

Irfan 5l - I learnt how to draw vehicles,human faces and houses.i really liked the jammy puff pastry swirls recipe which was very easy and straight forward.

Selina 5l - I think you got the date wrong that's okay!everyone makes mistakes like the teacher tell me at school and greatassembly :D

Mr Hamlin - Nice learning of new skills everyone. My new skill I’m learning today is telling the time!! ??

Charlize’s mum - Nice to see Mia 3c & Well done . I think mr Hamlin is trying to see if you are paying attention guys so you can spot the mistake

Xander COS - The date is wrong! we got v confused thinking we celebrated cinco de Mayo on the wrong day!

Eloisa - I've learnt how to garden and cook dinner and also touch type a little bit.

E l i a n a 6 P R and J e s s i c a 3 C - We never knew you had a Youtube channel Mr Hamlin!

Aman - I learnt an anthem for quarantine I loved Hayley and Poppy's poem sorry if I spelled your names wrong but well done

Mr Lyne - Hmmmm, good to see Year 5 science activity being done so well- But was that a year 5 child!
Come on Year 5.

Molly 2cop - Miss you all Sebright I learned roller skating

Mr Hamlin - Ha ha ha!! What date is it again!!?

Kaleigh 6s - I loved the music

Dylan - Does football skills count??

natasha 4S - Ive learnt how to draw manga!Its a type of cute art .
Its the 6th Mr Hamlin
Please can Mr Uts read another chapter book? (they are really fun and interesting !)

amelie 4ba - it is the 6th of may not 5th but it is ok because evrybody is lost what day it is:)

Ella 5L - I’ve learnt tree climbing and roller-skating. Although I already knew those skills. ??

Liv 1H - Mr Hamlin! It's the 6th of May!!!! My new skill is being a nature detective!

Ruby 3c - I think I will try the jet!!!

Rowen Small 2Cop - I miss school and learning. Thank you Mr Hamlin you make me smile

Anonymouse215 - It's been very interesting to learn world war1 and 2.Also Ive learnt how to be disciplined with my work at home.

Ishan (Reception red class) - The new skill I have been learning is football with my Dad.

Mia3c - Mr Hamlin you wrote the wrong date on the board

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