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Virtual Assembly - 7th May 2020


Donell - My grandparents fought in the war?

Yahya 3c - I read an interesting book The fox and ghost king would ask people to read.

Charlize 3C - Can you do a times tables rock stars certificate please? Wow.. Sebright Vs daubney VS laurston again! Come on Sebright let’s win again! No matter what try your best!

Ms Bitra 4BA - What a lovely painting Zayan!! Thank you for sharing :)

Eliana6PR - im early!!!
{posted at 11:54}

Ella 5L - VE stories are awesome! I think all my Great-Grandparents fought in the war. ?

Natasha 4S - Can you do another bank holiday book

Mrs Green - Another fantastic assembly. A highlight of the day!

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