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Virtual Assembly - 8th June 2020

The LAST one!


Isabelle - I miss you

Chaniece - I miss you so much ?

Khadija - We should wash our hand at school to take away the bacteria

Eliana6PR - Please make more when they put us back in quarintine!

wellington-5P - I really don't want virtual assembly's to end they have been REALLY fun and i wish there could be one more but they can't.-:(-

Selina 5l (っ˘̩v˘̩)っ - I miss school :

Molly 2cop - Hi mr Hamlin I found 3 kittens in France at my friends house . Thank you sooooooo much miss you

Chisom 4S - I cant believe the virtual assemblies are over. Thank you Mr Hamiln sooo much for all the virtual assemblies. You ROCK! When i saw that the virtual assemblies i got very SADDD! I played IXL but i did not get a certificate I am so sad but conrats to all the people and classes that got a certificate. Shoutout to 4S and everyone else. BYEEEE Sebright.

Ayesha - I don't want them to end.???? Thank you Mr Hamlin for all your hard work. I really miss schoo❤l.

Selina 5l (っ˘̩v˘̩)っ(you may know as a shy student ;v;) - Noo- I don't want it to end :< I really enjoyed watching your assemblies now it has ended. D: I really miss school aswell! :

Afreen 3k - I’m going to miss these assemblies

Khadija - We should do social distancing at school??????

Tazreen also known as Taz - Thank You Mr Hamlin for all you have done and we will remember your hard work and effort! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I wish they they didn't end!!!
I really miss Sebright, these assembly's have kept me going for all these months!
P. S Mr Hamlin gets a shout out from me because he is an amazing teacher at Sebright and without him we would all be lost...
Thank you Mr Hamlin for everything you really made us proud.
P. S. S Also we will never forget your award winning theme tunes, my favorite was the music one! ??

Malaika 5L - I miss school so much :c

Kayleigh 6PR - I miss Sebright all so much can't wait to go back. I want to say a big thank you to Mr Hamlin for all these virtual assembly's I really enjoyed them very much thank you.

Leda (mum) - Mr Hamlin,

There are no words to express how your assemblies made the whole family feel everyday: they made us laugh, cry (out of joy), happy to see and hear the children and teachers, nostalgic for a school we love and miss so much, and we learned a lot from the videos and pictures that the Sebright children shared.

Lockdown would have been totally boring without your virtual assemblies!

We will always be thankful to you and we will always remember and appreciate the incredibly hard work that you put into making these assemblies for the children to enjoy - you are a SUPERSTAR teacher - full stop.

Mr Green - It has been an incredible effort from Mr Hamlin to create these for our school community since lockdown began. A huge thank you to everyone that has contributed to the assemblies. They are very special and mean a lot to everyone.

Mr Hamlin - Oh hi there!

Thank you so much for watching everyone!!! I've really enjoyed making these assemblies - I couldn't have done it without you!
Thanks for sending in the pictures and videos of your home learning - that was by far my favourite thing to see each day.
I also love how creative you have become with your own cookery, music and experiments. Those are really great ways to utilise those skills that you have picked up and learnt.

Please do keep checking the school website though and your Year Group pages as I'm sure there will be some more interesting things popping up every so often!

You could start watching the assemblies from the beginning again by looking at the Highlights tab on the left! (You could see how much my hair has grown!)

...and for those of you who were asking - my head has stopped hurting now from that time I was hit with that book bag ... thank you very much!

Tobi 3k - I miss you guys, I miss the teachers too! I hope we all have a happy time at home and see ourselves again soon! :)

SEBRIGHT - keep smiling, keep safe and we will see you all again soon!? We miss you all so much and can't wait until our family is back together again! Lots of love from everyone at sebright primary school!?????????????

EZEL 6S - Thank you so much Mr Hamlin for all these great assemblies. I enjoyed all of them so much.
They are all AMAZING!

Khadija Ali - We should wash our hands at school

Mia3c - Thank you for putting on the last one of your virtual assembly

Marcelo - I’m so sad that the assemblies are ending :(
Thx for putting all our videos.;)
Bye Sebright For now ?

Mariya -Blue class - Mr Hamlin I was just more virtual assembly ?

Isra 3k - Thank you Mr Hamlin for all the virtual assemblies I wish there was more ?

Kaiya, Sofia and Aisha - We are going to miss watching the virtual assemblies. But can't wait to see you all soon in person (safely).
A massive thank you to Mr Hamlin for putting these assembly's together and always making us smile.

Bobby 5L & Jimmy 2COS - Bobby says: Congratulations on being the last IXL certificate winner.
Jimmy says: Thank you for all your great virtual assemblies. Sadly I was only in a few of them :-(

Leon & Noah - The assemblies have been AMAZING! we will really really really really miss it :( hope to see you all soon

Adam blue class - Thank you thank you thank you Mr Hamlin and everyone who made these assemblies so amazing!!! It was spot on for our day start! I will miss them sooooo much the same I miss my school and everyone! Stay safe, stay happy!

Ella & Liv - Ella: Waaaaaaa! Last virtual assembly! ? Still they were SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I' m going to miss the virtual assemblies. ( I was up a tree!).

Liv: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! No more virtual assemblies! ?? Thank you so much Mr Hamlin ❤️

P.S. From Ella: Thank you so much for all of he virtual assemblies Mr Hamlin. They have been so fun. (To be honest I really don't want them to end.)
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ?

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